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Tunnel Vision has been providing specialised drainage plumbing and pipe repair solutions for residential and commercial applications since 2000.

In our 20 years of operating in Western Australia, we have developed a very positive reputation for our professional, reliable and high-quality service.

Our unparalleled industry knowledge and a strong commitment to customer service enable our experienced team of drainage specialists to provide our valued clients with custom, tailored solutions to their plumbing needs.

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Our Perth Plumbing Services

Blocked Drains

There is nothing worse to deal with than a blocked drain in your property. If you have noticed that your drain is taking a long time to clear, there are gurgling sounds, or there is a bad smell, the most likely cause is a drain blockage.

Whether it’s in your kitchen sink, shower, or toilet, we can identify and clear out any clogged up drains using our advanced technology and equipment.

We use a combination of our CCTV drain cameras, drain jetters and tree root control services to help you unblock your drain, and if there is any damage, we can use our epoxy pipe reliners to get you back to as good as new.

At Tunnel Vision, the results are immediate and no harsh chemicals or digging is involved, saving you both time and money.

Blocked Sewer Drains

A blocked sewer pipe can be a problem that if not dealt with swiftly won’t just affect your property, but potentially your entire neighbourhood.

Not only are there sanitary concerns, but there is also a very high possibility that the pressure build-up can cause severe damage to the whole neighbourhood drainage system.

If you believe that there’s a blocked sewer drain near you, contact Tunnel Vision - we’ll get it cleared right away so you can breathe easy.

CCTV Drain Cameras

Our CCTV drain inspection cameras can find and pinpoint the exact location of any blockages or damage present in your plumbing. Any time a client comes to us with a plumbing issue, our first step is to always conduct a drain inspection.

This small but powerful device enables us to check your plumbing and drainage system for problems such as holes, blockages, cracks and burst pipes.

The feed from the camera is recorded straight to video so we can show you the exact nature and extend of the problem at hand, and how we’ll fix it for you.

With our high-precision CCTV drain inspection cameras, ascertaining where your issue lies is made easy.

Drain Cleaning & Jetting

A blocked drain is easily among the most frustrating, bothersome and stressful plumbing problems. It can lead to overflow, unpleasant smells and potential health and hygiene concerns.

This is why most people resort to pouring caustic liquids down the drain as a quick and easy solution. However, caustic substances are not only toxic to humans and animals, but they can also cause damage to the structural integrity of your drainage system.

At Tunnel Vision, we provide drain jetting services that are designed to eliminate residue and sediment build-up that is clogging your pipes. Our drain jetting technology utilises high-pressure water jets (2500psi to 4000psi) to carve and clear through even the most stubborn of pipe blockages.  

It doesn’t just move the debris to a different part of your drainage system the way a drain snake would, and the results aren’t temporary and corrosive when compared to good old-fashioned plungers and caustic solutions. After a high-pressure drain jetting, you will find your pipes are functioning as good as new.

Pipe Relining

If you have a damaged pipe, we can repair the pipe without any need for digging by relining it from the inside.

Traditionally, the only solution to repairing a cracked, broken or burst water pipe was to gain access through digging and then replace the broken pipe section.

This method was quite costly due to the large level of manual labour required, but it also caused major disruption to the property in the form of excessive noise and large amounts of uncovered dirt and debris.

However, all of this can be avoided with pipe relining technology. Pipe relining, also known as trenchless pipe repair, cured-in-place (CIPP) or pull-in-place (PIP) technology, involves placing an epoxy liner inside an existing pipe and allowing to cure.

The result is a very strong and structurally sound ‘pipe within a pipe’. Tunnel Vision only uses environmentally friendly, scientifically tested epoxy resins which are tough and hardwearing, guaranteed with a 50-year material and 10-year workmanship warranty.

Through the application of Nuflow’s patented pipe relining technology, all potential risks and inconveniences that would have arisen from digging and excavation work can be avoided. At Tunnel Vision, we can locate, assess and address most major pipe problems with our wide range of advanced plumbing services without any need to excavate and disrupt your daily operations.

Water Leak Detection

Water leaks are one of the most wasteful and hardest plumbing issues to detect. The biggest symptom that you may have a leaking pipe in your property is water bills that are much higher to your average consumption.

If you’ve noticed that your utility bill is unusually high, it might be a good idea to get your plumbing system assessed.

At Tunnel Vision, we use acoustic leak detection equipment to quickly, accurately and easily detect the source of burst water pipes and leaks. Our leak detection equipment consists of a ground microphone for hard surfaces and paving, and a universal microphone for floors, walls and ceilings.

Once we’ve determined the exact location of the leak, we can utilise pipe relining to repair your system. Our use of this advanced plumbing technique allows us to repair pipes without disrupting your business with cumbersome and noisy excavation work.

RootX & Tree Root Control

Tree roots located close to your property can end up breaking your pipes apart in search of moisture. Smaller tree roots are known to grow and develop within pipes, eventually leading to blockages. This is where our professional tree root control services come in.

First, we utilise our CCTV drain inspection cameras to check if there is a blockage, the extent of the damage and to determine if it’s being caused by tree roots. If it is found that tree roots are growing in or near your pipes, we apply our chemical root treatment.

Our tree root treatment is actually a non-caustic aquatic herbicide. When the treatment makes contact with water it starts to foam, enabling it to clear the whole system of any fibrous roots and inhibit any further growth. It does this without producing fumes and has a very low impact on the environment.

Our tree root control solution is easy, convenient, safe and if performed on a semi-regular basis, can ensure future protection from tree root damage.

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Tunnel Vision is your trusted plumbing for both residential and commercial plumbing services in the Perth, Bunbury and Mandurah areas, and everywhere else in between.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Our Services

Does Tunnel Vision Service All Perth Suburbs?

Tunnel Vision has a Perth emergency plumbing team who is available to service any area from Two Rocks, down to Mandurah, and out East to the hills. Contact Tunnel Vision directly on 1800 631 799 to discuss your needs or book online today!

Does Tunnel Vision Charge a Call Out Fee?

Tunnel Vision has a flat rate for the first hour which incorporates our travel to the site and the use of our specialised CCTV drain inspection cameras and high-pressure drain cleaning jets. If our experienced team need more than an hour on-site, we drop down to a per 15 min rate, so you always know what your costs are with no hidden charges for additional equipment. If we require the purchase of any materials or the scenario on-site changes, we will discuss any and all changes to the charges prior to proceeding.

Are Tunnel Vision Licensed Plumbers?

Yes, we are. Plumbing License Number PL: 6905/8764.

What Payment Options Does Tunnel Vision Have Available?

We can take payment via credit card, cash or cheque. Tunnel Vision usually asks for a deposit following making a quote, and you make the final payment on completion of the works. Bookings can be made easily online using our online booking form.

Do I Have to Be On-Site When You Attend to My Property?

While we always like for you to be there, if we have access to the drainage system from outside we can usually clear a drain blockage without you being home. The only thing we can’t do without you there is run your plumbing fixtures from inside the house and you may be left with some debris in the drains internally from when the drains backed up.

You can solve this by running your taps and fixtures to flush through any loose build up that may be sitting in the line after your blockage has been cleared. If you are home, we will do this for you.