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Why your sink is blocked and how to fix it

Do you have a Blocked Sink?

If you’ve got a blocked sink, obviously you’ve had something get stuck or build up to the point that nothing is getting through.

The Most Common Cause of a Blocked Sink

In the kitchen, the most common cause of a blocked sink is bits of food that have gotten caught and blocked off water flow.

In the bathroom, your blocked sink cause is likely to be soap scum. We all know how it looks on shower screens after a week or so, so imagine how your pipes fair with years of it.

How Do We Fix It?

No matter what’s blocked your sink, you need to find someone who can find out what it is and get it out for you. Tunnel Vision can do that. We have the technology and the know-how to unclog a blocked sink in no time.

Our know-how is pretty self-explanatory; we’re a team of qualified professionals. Our technology is state of the art. We use drain cameras; that means we can tell you exactly what sort of food it was the clogged your sink. It also tells us if there are any other problems you should be aware of.

Once we’ve found the problem, we can get it out. The technology we use here is high pressure jet rodding to blast out the blockage.

So if you’ve got a blocked sink, or a blocked drain, get onto to Tunnel Vision now!

We’ll have your sinks in good order in no time at all.

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