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Liquid Waste Disposal Perth

Tunnel Vision provide sustainable liquid waste disposal and management services throughout Perth. Our professional team will remove and dispose of your liquid waste materials, reducing the environmental impact of your business.

We provide thorough and affordable liquid waste disposal and pump-outs right across Perth and can pump-out any non-hazardous liquid waste. Contact our team today to discuss our professional liquid waste disposal services.

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Our Local Liquid Waste Disposal Services include:

  • Septic waste removal
  • Sullage pump-outs
  • Ground water
  • Grey water
  • Rain water
  • Oily water
  • Grease traps
  • Muddy water
  • Other organic liquid waste disposal
  • Industrial waste water
  • Septic tank pump-outs
  • Septic tank cleaning

Liquid Waste Disposal Perth – Tunnel Vision

Stormwater Flooding

Are your carpark stormwater pits over-flowing? Call us today to have them pumped out. Tunnel Vision will investigate with advanced CCTV drainage cameras to find and implement a long-term solution.

Blocked Sewer

Household sewer drain blocked and full of builder’s rubble after practical completion? Tunnel Vision will pump it out and provide drain jetting solutions to clear the line and get you back up and running in no time.

Investigation Works

Years of problems and quoted costly repairs? Tunnel Vision’s years of expertise and professional equipment will investigate and provide a long-term permanent solution.


Tunnel Vision will collect and remove liquid septic waste from your home septic system. This includes the cleaning of septic tanks, decommission of septic tanks according to the local regulations applicable to the area where the tank is located. We also provide the pump out of leach drains and soak wells.


Issue Areas

Septic Tank

Grease Trap

Storm Water

Call us to get free advice on soak wells, leach drains, waste water treatment, sewage treatment, your septic system, and sewer related problems.

Do you need Liquid Waste Disposal?

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