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Water Leak Detection Perth

If you’ve received an unusually high water bill or noticed that your meter is still running when the taps are off, you may have a burst water pipe hidden somewhere in your property.

While fixing a water leak is relatively easy, finding a broken pipe within your plumbing system can be a difficult job.

The plumbers at Tunnel Vision provide leak detection in Perth using state-of-the-art acoustic leak detection technology. This equipment is used by plumbing professionals to quickly and accurately detect water leaks in your walls, floor or ceiling.

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How Does Acoustic Leak Detection Work?

Finding the source of a leak isn’t always easy. This problem can be compounded by hard surfaces such as paved driveways.

Acoustic leak detection uses sophisticated and purpose-built industrial microphones which can detect the vibrations created by a burst pipe. T

hese vibrations travel along the length of a pipe and can be followed to the source of the leak.

Before leak detection technology existed, plumbers would have to tear out large sections of floors or walls to try and find a leak.

Using acoustic leak detection, the team at Tunnel Vision can find the location of a leak without any unnecessary damage. Once the location of the water leak has been found, our licensed plumbers can get to work repairing it, saving you time and money.

How to Check for A Water Leak

If you think you may have a burst pipe or water leak, you can check this using the following steps:

 turn off water meter

1. Turn Off All Water At Your Property

Make sure no water is being used inside or outside your property. Turn off all taps and water using appliances.

 check water meter

2. Find Your Water Meter

Find your water meter. It's normally located at the front of your property close to the verge.

water meter numbers

3. Check Your Meter's Numbers

Check to see if the meter's numbers are changing. If they are moving, you may have a leak. If the numbers aren't moving, take a reading and check back in 15 minutes to see if they have changed.


The faster the numbers on your meter move, the larger your water leak is likely to be. However, even smaller leaks can still be a cause for concern, as they can contribute to structural damage and increased utility costs.

If your meter is not recording a leak but you are noticing other signs of a leak, such as dampness, water damage, water stains and a hissing noise coming from pipes, contact the team at Tunnel Vision for professional advice with no obligation.

How to Fix a Water Leak

Burst pipes and water leaks can cause water to flow under key structural elements of your property, leading to expensive damage and repairs.

A consistent leak can also contribute to damage inside your property to paint, plaster and flooring. Water leaks of all sizes should be detected and repaired regularly to reduce the risk of these larger problems developing.

At Tunnel Vision, our acoustic leak detection equipment allows us to easily detect and repair burst pipes and water leaks. This equipment includes a ground microphone for hard surfaces and paving, as well as a universal mic for leak detection within a property, such as in floors, walls or ceilings.

Once detected, our skilled plumbers will be able to recommend the best course of action for repairing the issue. In most cases, you’ll be able to benefit from our wide range of plumbing technology, including trenchless pipe relining.

These innovations will allow us to fix your unique plumbing problem in the fastest and most cost-effective way, often without the need to dig.

We Are the Water Leak Detection Experts

If your water leak is repaired by one of the licensed plumbers at Tunnel Vision, you may be eligible to claim a reduction in your water use charges from the water corporation.

The team at Tunnel Vision are authorised to sign forms for this purpose and are experienced in helping clients through the process.

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