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Commercial Plumbing Services Perth

Currently, Tunnel Vision is servicing many civil contractors, water authorities, building maintenance services and hydraulic engineers plus many more in their day to day needs for drainage inspections, drain cleaning and pipe relining. We are a team of fully trained, professional commercial plumbers that are ready to service your industry.

Issue Areas

Drain Camera

Drain Jetting

Pipe Relining

Liquid Waste Disposal

What We Do

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    CCTV Inspect the Drains/Pipes

    Tunnel Vision uses iBak Tractor Cameras and Ridgid Drain Cameras as part of their specialised drain investigation services. With over 30+ cameras on the road at any one time we can attend to any situation quickly and help solve the drainage problems in your commercial premises in drains varying from 40mm up to 1200mm.

    The CCTV drain cameras go down into the pipes to conduct drain inspections and can show us exactly what’s going on metres under the ground and can also help to locate the issue with locating devices giving depth readings of what we find. 

    Our drain camera technology is exceptional, with clear colour images that allow us to easily and confidently identify damage in the pipes, and also issues that could become damage later. The clear image also can show our expert staff what is causing a blocked pipe so they can use the best drain cleaning equipment to fix it.

    We also use a drainage reporting software called Wincan V8 to be able to provide you with a clear written report of the condition of the drain along with a DVD, this is approved and used by many councils, water authorities and civil contractors on practical completion of any new drainage jobs.

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    High Pressure Drain Cleaning / Jetting / Liquid Waste Disposal

    At Tunnel Vision our qualified plumbers also clean a blocked drain using High Pressure Drain Cleaners (Jetters) and our Vacuum Truck goes hand in hand to solve drainage problems.

    Our large trailer jet sets the standard in the high pressure water jetting industry and each of our on-road technicians carry a smaller version for those jobs that require access in small areas.

    Our extensive range of jetters are used to clean clogged sewers, blocked drains, and industrial lines all over the state of Western Australia in commercial buildings and government facilities. The jetting equipment is engineered to be reliable and our extensive knowledge of many situations in this market puts us way ahead of the nearest competitor.

  • As a specialised plumbing service, we don't just stop there
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    Solution or Resolution to Issues Found

    What are your options after CCTV and Jetting?

    • Excavation – If the damaged section is in an area that can be accessed with an excavator then digging can be an option
    • Pipe Relining – Is a no digging, no mess, no disruption solution

    Tunnel Vision offers the best in plumbing emergency services and Pipe Relining Technology, utilising the NuFlow Blueline Pipe Relining process. At Tunnel Vision we are the fully licensed installer for WA and have a fully qualified and trained commercial plumber team to help solve many of your issues that can be found during the initial CCTV inspection and Drain Jetting of your drains or pipelines.

Case Study: Heritage Listed Commonwealth Bank of Australia Building

case study commonwealth bank of australia building

Tunnel Vision attended the heritage listed Commonwealth Bank of Australia building in Perth CBD to conduct trenchless pipe repair on an old cast iron downpipe. View the full case study and CCTV drain inspection videos.


View The Full Case Study

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a written report with your CCTV Inspection?

Yes. When using our large iBak crawler camera we provide an in depth Wincan V8 Drainage Software report and DVD recording of the internal condition of the drain. This reporting software is approved and used by many councils, water authorities and civil contractors on practical completion of any new drainage jobs.


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