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Nu-Flow Technology Perth

Nu Flow Technology is a world-leading solution for trenchless pipe repair, available in Perth and around Australia.

This cutting-edge technology means that damaged or blocked pipes can be repaired seamlessly by trained plumbers without the need for digging.

Rather than digging trenches to get to the pipe, Nu Flow technology allows you to find the problem and reline the pipe. Advanced relining technology means you insert a new pipe into the old pipe.

What We Do

  • 1

    Locate blockage

    CCTV in-pipe cameras can be used to find the blockage or other plumbing problem.

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    Clear blockage

    The damaged pipe is cleaned with high pressure jets.

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    Reline the pipe

    A liner is inserted into the pipe; using a custom-made bladder and compressed air it is inflated and then left to cure in the shape of the existing pipe. The bladder is removed leaving the new pipe in place.

Experts in blocked drains, pipe relining and trenchless plumbing

The technology uses CIPP (Cured-in-Place-Pipe) technology, where a seamless liner effectively becomes a “pipe within a pipe.” This liner is made from environmentally-friendly and scientifically- tested epoxy resins, infused into fabric.

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Where can Nu Flow Technology Be Used?

Nu Flow can be used on any pipelines from small-bore 40mm up to 1200mm diameter. It works with virtually all piping materials: PVC, concrete, cast iron, clay, roll groove, galvanised pipe, copper, HDPE, poly pipe, and Zincalume.

Most storm-water drains, sewerage systems and drainage systems are covered, as well as trade waste systems, pressurised fire pipe systems and deep-set potable water pipe systems.

Vertical or horizontal, square, rectangular or round pipes, 90’ bends, P-traps, S-traps, junctions and elbows can all be relined with the Nu Flow technology. Custom lengths can also be made.

Why Nu Flow?

Nu Flow pipe relining brings many benefits over traditional plumbing repair methods:

  • No dig repair saves the mess and the expense of excavating and repairing the surrounding landscape after trenches are dug
  • Minimises risk to other underground structures
  • Less upheaval – and quicker than traditional methods
  • The same technology can be used on storm-water, sewerage and drainage systems
  • Excellent structural strength to the new pipe section
  • Materials are guaranteed for 40-years  and workmanship for 10-years

Tunnel Vision has a decade’s experience in applying high tech solutions to blocked drains and other sewerage problems. The no dig repair Nu Flow technology is available for Perth plumbers in need of the latest relining methods.

Do you have a blocked drain?

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