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CCTV Drain Cameras Perth

Tunnel Vision uses Mainline Tractor CCTV drain cameras and Rigid Push CCTV drain cameras as part of their specialised drain cleaning and pipe relining services. The CCTV drain cameras go down into the pipes to conduct drain inspections and shows Tunnel Vision’s trained plumbing specialists exactly what’s going on meters under the ground.

The drain camera technology used by Tunnel Vision is exceptional with clear colour images. This allow the specialist plumbing team to easily and confidently identify damage in the pipes, and also issues that could become damaged later. The clear CCTV images also show Tunnel Vision what is causing a blocked pipe, so they can use specialist drain cleaning equipment to fix it.

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Pinpoint Location Accuracy Using CCTV Drain Cameras

The CCTV drain cameras used by Tunnel Vision Perth have built-in sondes; these are locator devices used in underground surveying. This allows the team to pinpoint the exact location and depth of the CCTV drain camera in the drainage system. The huge advantage of this is that the location of the blockage or damage in a pipeline is identified. It also provides a solution to survey and map the current pipe.

The Benefits of CCTV Drain Cameras

Tunnel Vision record the pipes CCTV drain camera’s footage straight onto USB, so the specialist plumbing team can show customers exactly where the drainage problems are. After analysing the footage, Tunnel Vision can put together a detailed plan on the best way to fix them properly, and afterwards ensure that the problems have been rectified.

The CCTV drain cameras can be used in 40mm to 1500mm pipes, and function under water. If however they do find a blockage, Tunnel Vision will need to conduct some advanced drain cleaning jetting before surveying can be continued.

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