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Residential Plumbing Services Perth

When plumbing problems such as a blocked drain appear in the home, it can become a major issue if not immediately resolved. Along with strata, domestic and commercial plumbing, Tunnel Vision is able to provide a wide range of reliable residential plumbing services throughout Perth, Western Australia.

Our Perth plumbers are able to make use of our high pressure drain cleaners to clear blockages, then use our high-tech CCTV Ridgid drain cameras to investigate and determine what the cause of any blockages was, ranging from tree roots entering into your drains to paper blockages.

We can pinpoint the location of these problems and provide you with a solution to stop this occurring again. With up to 8 technicians on the road at any one time we can also attend a plumbing job quickly and have minimal impact on you as a homeowner. If you require emergency plumbing services in your home, call Tunnel Vision now on 1800 631 799.

What Are Some Common Residential Plumbing Problems?

Our team knows that issues with a home plumbing system can come out of nowhere. While this is true for both residential and commercial plumbing, there are a few issues that can occur. Some of the more common residential plumbing problems include:

Blocked Drains

Blockages that occur in pipes and drains are a hassle when they first appear, but become major problems very quickly if left untreated. Tunnel Vision can take the stress out of a blocked drain by providing a simple and stress-free local plumber process for effective drain unblocking.

Blocked Showers

A blockage in the piping of a shower can lead to low water pressure or internal problems in hot water systems, so getting this issue resolved quickly is critical. The use of high-pressure drain cleaners and drain cameras can dislodge blocked shower pipes quickly and efficiently.

Blocked and Leaking Sinks

Having a kitchen with a busted sink is a big pain to deal with while trying to prepare food - not to mention that it can be unhygienic. Low water pressure may be a result of a blocked pipe, or you may have leaking taps that aren’t holding water correctly. Tunnel Vision’s quality services include assisting with this type of plumbing work.

How do you know if you have a blocked drain or pipe?

  • After flushing, toilets fill up and then recede slowly
  • Drainage may overflow outside
  • Bad odours
  • Water fills up and recedes slowly in sinks

What causes my drains to become blocked?

  • Deteriorated physical condition
  • The flushing of foreign items
  • Tree roots entering a broken pipe
  • Ground movement

How do I know for sure what is causing the blockage?

Our inspection and survey will jet clean your pipes, removing any blockages and enabling a clear view and assessment of the section that is blocked with our CCTV drain cameras. We then provide you with a quote for a simple, practical and cost-effective relining solution to your problem pipes, all recorded to DVD for you to see exactly what’s happening underground.

Tunnel Vision’s emergency plumbing services team can repair almost any type of pipe with minimal disruption to your home.

We collect and remove septic waste from your home septic system. We provide the cleaning of septic tanks, and decommissioning of septic tanks according to the local regulations applicable to the area where the tank is located. We do provide the pump out of leach drains and soak wells.

We give free advice on soak well, leach drains, wastewater treatment, sewage treatment,  your septic system, and sewer-related problems.

We collect and transport the septic waste to the right wastewater treatment plant for disposal, ensuring good waste management for recovery and recycling into valuable resources for a sustainable environment.

Do you have a blocked drain in your home?

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Issue Areas


A blocked toilet that just wont flush

Kitchen Sink

Fat and grease build up blocking your drain


Slow draining or blocked basins, baths and showers


Blocked with hair and grime build up or old cast iron pipe


Roots, collapsed pipe or unknown blockage

Septic Tank

Domestic, commercial and industrial sewer pits cleaned out

What We Do For Residential Blocked Drains

  • 1

    Attend quickly to your call

    When making your booking we give you an estimated time of arrival, and understand that when a blockage occurs you need us there fast. When our technician is on their way we will notify you either via text message or phone call keeping you updated on when we can arrive and clear your blocked drain.

  • 2

    Clear the blockage

    When we arrive we use our drain jetters and CCTV drain cameras to clear the blocked drain, plus get a visual and location of where the issue is.

  • As a specialised plumbing service, we don't just stop there
  • 3

    CCTV Inspection

    This is where we go that extra step further and determine the cause of the blockage, using our high-tech CCTV drain cameras. We are able to locate the issue and at what depth it is. Gathering all the right information required to be able to provide you with a solution or resolution to stop the blockage from recurring again.

  • 4

    A Solution or Resolution

    Upon clearing your blocked drain and completing our CCTV drain inspection, we can then record to DVD the condition of the drain, plus take photos of the surrounding area above ground, allowing us to review all the information gathered and come up with a solution or resolution to stop your blocked drain happening again. You usually have three options. 1 - Dig up and replace, 2 - Pipe Relining or 3 - Drain foaming (Vaporooter)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clear a blocked drain?

At Tunnel Vision we use high pressure drain cleaners to clean the drain, this allows us to utilise the high pressure water to clear the blockage, we then use our CCTV drain cameras to inspect the drain and provide you with a solution or resolution to stop the blockage recurring again.

What causes a blocked drain?

Many things can cause a blocked drain, for example tree roots, sand, building rubble, fat, grease build up, even items such as kids toys and play equipment have been found in the drain to be causing a blockage.

Do you offer a warranty after clearing a blocked drain?

The simple answer is no, for the reason being that after clearing your blocked drain and inspecting it with our CCTV drain camera we will show you what was the cause of the blockage, it is then hard to warrant that the drain will ever block again due to the many reasons why a drain could be blocked, including that tree roots will grow back if the drain is not repaired and a grease build will also reoccur if foods and scraps are put down the kitchen sink.

What is pipe relining?

Pipe Relining is when we insert a sleeve into the ground to seal/repair the broken drain without the need to dig up and replace the drain. Our technology allows us to repair the drain with minimal impact on the surrounding area. This can save you considerable time and costs involved with reinstating the area affecting by excavation. This solution is also very handy when the issue is located under a concrete slab of your home and is not able to be dug up.

Do you offer a warranty on Pipe Relining?

Yes! Our pipe relining comes with a 50yr product warranty and a 10yr workmanship warranty, giving you peace of mind that the drain will not cause you any further issues due to tree root ingress etc…

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I wanted to take this opportunity to commend the outstanding professionalism of the plumber who actioned this particular job. His expertise in identifying the problem and resolving it quickly and effectively was impressive. I have had previous plumbers attend to this particular issue, and also other issues, however none have conducted themselves with such a high level of professionalism. I would appreciate your conveying my personal thanks to the plumber involved and can assure you I will be utilising his services again, via Tunnel Vision WA, if and should the need arise. Many thanks again.
Craig Wilson, Willetton
I received prompt profession service in response to a severe blockage caused by tree roots growing into my drain. I recommend Tunnel vision to anyone who is experiencing blocked drains which have occurred more than a few times in the previous year.
Joe, WA
Recently we were having huge plumbing problems. Having contacted Tunnel Vision on one previous occasion and been very happy with their service, I called them again. Their response was quick and helpful. We would not hesitate to recommend Tunnel Vision.
Walter and Jan, Como WA
I would like to thank you and your company for the advice and guidance when dealing with a potentially expensive plumbing problem. Not only did your technician isolate the problem with the plumbing, but his people skills in keeping all concerned happy with the problem a pleasure to listen to and watch. Your technician kept me calm during the debacle and saved my sanity. I will be recommending your company whenever possible. Thanks for the great service.
Nic, Ardross WA

Do you have a blocked drain in your home?

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