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Pipe Relining Perth

Tunnel Vision delivers a trenchless cost-effective solution to internal wall pipeline repairs using the latest and most advanced Epoxy pipe relining technology.

Professional solutions to blocked drains, or pipes riddled with roots or dirt, Tunnel Vision can meet all pipe relining requirements around Perth, Bunbury and Mandurah.

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What We Repair

Tunnel Vision can complete sectional pipe repairs or entire mainline pipe relining:

  • on pipelines from 40mm to 1500mm diameter.
  • on drains, sewer, storm-water, vertical stacks, down-pipes, and main pipelines.
  • in situ without costly excavation or replacement thanks to our Nuflow trenchless technology.

The specialist plumbing team at Tunnel Vision are also able to reline junctions, accommodate changes in direction and pipe sizes, as well as complete start-stop pipe relining and sectional repairs.

Our Pipe Relining Technology

Tunnel Vision is the West Australian approved license holder of Nuflow Technologies. Using advanced technology, commonly referred to as Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) or Pull-In-Place (PIP), Tunnel Vision can create a seamless liner that acts as a ‘pipe within a pipe’.

This process uses specific environmentally friendly, scientifically tested, epoxy resins to create a new seamless and structural strength pipe, junction or sectional repair within the host pipe. This eliminates damage to structures, floors, landscapes and nuisance or inconvenience.

The Seamless Pipe Reliner:

  • Is custom made from fabric infused with specific environmentally friendly two-part epoxy resins and a pre-inserted bladder spanning the length of the liner.
  • Is inserted into the pipeline through an inspection opening or access point and positioned in the desired location. The bladder is then inflated using compressed air causing the liner to mould to the host pipe, filling cracks, holes and spanning over any voids in the pipeline.
  • It can be custom made to length, from 1m upwards allowing small sectional repairs to be carried out or entire mains relined.
  • It will adhere to PVC, Cast Iron, Concrete Pipe, Roll Groove, Galvanised Pipe, Copper, HDPE, Poly Pipe, Zincalume, Cardboard – absolutely anything.
  • Can structurally epoxy reline multiple angle bends, junctions and changes in pipe size with the option of only lining the area in need of repair. This provides significant cost savings and flexibility as the need to reline entire lengths of pipe from point of entry to point of repair is not necessarily require.

Trenchless Pipe Relining Technology - How We Do It

  • 1

    Drain Cleaning Using a Drain Jetter

    Blocked or root intruded pipes are cleaned with a high-pressure jetter. The drain cleaning jetter will break up or blast out a drain blockage.

    trenchless jetting

  • 2

    Pipe Relining

    Tunnel Vision pull a pipe liner into place, inflated using a custom-made bladder and left to cure.

    trenchless relining

  • 3

    Finishing Touches

    Once cured, the bladder is removed leaving behind a structural pipe relining repair.

    trenchless finishing

What We Repair


Pipelines from 40mm to 1500mm diameter.


Drains, sewer, storm-water, vertical stacks, down-pipes, and main pipelines.


In situ without costly excavation or replacement thanks to trenchless technology.

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