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Blocked Sewer Drains Perth

Ensuring that your sewage system is free of blockages is critical for several reasons. Besides proper sanitation, a clogged sewer drain can also result in significant pressure build-up damage to your sewage system.

Fortunately, Tunnel Vision has over 20 years of experience in cleaning blocked sewer pipes so you can rely on us to solve any drainage issue you might encounter.

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What Are the Signs of a Blocked Sewer Drain?

The easiest way to know if your sewer drain is becoming blocked is if your toilet, shower, or sink’s water level is beginning to drain slower than usual. If one or more of your drains aren’t draining at all, this is an indication that there might be a full blockage somewhere within your sewage system. 

If you are noticing any of the above in your home, we recommend refraining from further using your drains until you get them checked by a professional drainage plumber like Tunnel Vision. If you continue to use them, pressure may build and cause a burst pipe, potentially resulting in flooding or severe water damage.

What Causes a Sewer Drain to Block?

There are many reasons as to why a sewer drain may become blocked, including:

Leaves & Garden Debris

Leaves, dirt and garden debris can wash into your sewerage drains during storms causing partial or full blockages. If you live on a property prone to an excessive amount of leaf litter and regular stormy weather, your sewerage drains may benefit from occasional drain cleaning to avoid your pipes becoming blocked. A way to minimise the amount of garden debris that is washed into your drains is to clean up as much as possible before a storm.

Tree Roots

An almost unavoidable reason why drains become blocked is because of tree roots. As a pipe ages, small cracks can form. In an attempt to reach a water source, tree roots may work their way into pipes, causing blockages. If you have tree roots present within your sewer drains, Tunnel Vision can chemically remove them with RootX - a non-invasive and safe tree root control method that has minimal impact on the environment. 

Foreign Objects

Anything that shouldn’t be down a pipe in the first place is bound to cause a blockage. Do not flush sanitary items or general rubbish down the toilet. Especially be on your toes if children are concerned - you never know what they might flush!

Who's Responsibility is the Blocked Drain?

Although you may be the one experiencing sewerage drainage issues, the fault may not necessarily lie with you. In Perth, if your drainage plumber determines that the blockage is caused by an issue outside of your property then it may be the Water Corporation’s responsibility to fix it. In this case, your plumber will contact the Water Corporation, and they will send out their plumbers to resolve the issue. 

How Does Tunnel Vision Unblock Sewer Drains?

1. Inspection

To begin, we will use our advanced CCTV drain cameras to determine what is causing the blockage and where it is located. Aside from providing a way for us to pinpoint plumbing issues with greater accuracy, our CCTV drain cameras have also greatly streamlined the inspection process, resulting in time and cost savings for our customers. 

2. Clearing the Blockage

At Tunnel Vision, we have found the most effective way to clear a blocked drain is with our state-of-the-art drain cleaning equipment. We utilise a high-pressure drain jetter that can cut through debris and flush your pipes of any built-up excess material.

Our high-pressure jetting equipment can generate water pressure in the 2500 - 4000 psi range and can be adjusted to suit more fragile or speciality situations in accordance with the particular job. At Tunnel Vision, we use a nozzle that has been specifically designed to get into drains and pipes. This equipment will, in effect, remove all the blocking debris that has accumulated inside the blocked sewer pipe. 

When removing tree roots, we use a chemical foam treatment called RootX. The solution will kill all roots that inhabit your drainage system and ensure they don't continue to grow. Based on the cause of your sewerage blockage, we will recommend further services or steps you can take to avoid having your sewer drains blocked again in the future.

3. Relining the Pipe

If your sewer drain had been damaged by tree root ingress, there used to only be one method to fix it - to get down and dirty with some digging. However, excavation and digging is not always a viable option. Using Nuflow’s advanced epoxy pipe relining technology, we can structurally repair damaged sewer pipes quickly and easily. 

Why Choose Tunnel Vision To Unblock Sewer Drains?

Tunnel Vision are Perth's leading experts in blocked drains, pipe relining and trenchless plumbing technology.

With 20 years of experience, we know your sewers can become blocked at the most inconvenient times, so we provide a 24/7 emergency plumbing service to minimise downtime. At Tunnel Vision, we will provide you with comprehensive solutions to unblocking your sewer drains and suggest approaches to reduce your chances of experiencing the same issue in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Blocked Sewer Drains

How Can You Tell If Your Sewer Drain Is Blocked?

If your drain is blocked, you will likely experience the following:

  • Foul smells from your drains.

  • Sinks draining slower than usual or not at all.

  • A significant drop in water pressure.

  • Toilets are overflowing.

  • Strange gurgling noises when water is emptying down the drain.

How Do I Avoid Blocking Sewer Drains in the Future?

To avoid your sewer drains from becoming blocked, you should avoid flushing sanitary items or excessive amounts of toilet paper down the toilet. It would also help if you refrained from rinsing large amounts of food scraps down the sink and instead thoroughly scraped food scraps into the waste bin before rinsing in the sink. Another way is to minimise the amount of leaves and debris creating a blocked drain by cleaning up the majority before a storm or rain to avoid them washing into your drains.

What Size Drains Can Tunnel Vision Inspect?

Tunnel Vision can inspect drains varying in size; from 40mm up to 1500mm.

What Occurs if the Plumber Can’t Clear the Blockage?

Tunnel Vision’s plumbers have not come across a drain they can’t unblock. Our plumbers will always provide you with a solution, even if the equipment cannot clear the blockage on the first attendance, we will work out a way to access your drains and get you moving again. It all depends on access and of course, budget.

Does Tunnel Vision Service All Perth Suburbs?

Tunnel Vision has a Perth emergency plumbing team who is available to service any area from Two Rocks, down to Mandurah, and out East to the hills. Contact Tunnel Vision directly on 1800 631 799 to discuss your needs or book online today!

Does Tunnel Vision Charge a Call Out Fee?

Tunnel Vision has a flat rate for the first hour which incorporates our travel to the site and the use of our specialised CCTV drain inspection cameras and high-pressure drain cleaning jets. If our experienced team need more than an hour on-site, we drop down to a per 15 min rate, so you always know what your costs are with no hidden charges for additional equipment. If we require the purchase of any materials or the scenario on-site changes, we will discuss any and all changes to the charges prior to proceeding.

Are Tunnel Vision Licensed Plumbers?

Yes, we are. Plumbing License Number PL: 6905/8764.

What Payment Options Does Tunnel Vision Have Available?

We can take payment via credit card, cash or cheque. Tunnel Vision usually asks for a deposit following making a quote, and you make the final payment on completion of the works. Bookings can be made easily online using our online booking form.

Do I Have to Be On-Site When You Attend to My Property?

While we always like for you to be there, if we have access to the drainage system from outside we can usually clear a drain blockage without you being home. The only thing we can’t do without you there is run your plumbing fixtures from inside the house and you may be left with some debris in the drains internally from when the drains backed up.

You can solve this by running your taps and fixtures to flush through any loose build up that may be sitting in the line after your blockage has been cleared. If you are home, we will do this for you.