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Blocked Drains Perth

There is quite as bad as dealing with a blocked drain at your property. A blockage within a water pipe, kitchen sink, bathroom shower or toilet is not only unpleasant and unhygienic, but if left untreated, can quickly escalate into a costly and disruptive experience.

Tunnel Vision can take the stress out of a blocked drain by providing a simple and stress-free process for effective drain unblocking.

With our extensive selection of plumbing services, including pipe relining, drain cleaning, water leak detection and CCTV drain camera inspections, you can trust that Tunnel Vision can solve any commercial or home drainage issue you may encounter.

If you are currently suspecting that you have a blocked drain at your home or business, contact Perth's local drainage experts - Tunnel Vision - today!


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What Are Some Signs of a Blocked Drain?

Common signs of blocked drains include:

  • Blocked drains can generate bad smells.
  • A significant drop in water pressure.
  • A change in toilet water level (higher or lower).
  • Blocked sinks or toilet bowls that are slow to empty.
  • Strange gurgling sounds when water is emptying down the drain.

If you are experiencing any of the above plumbing issues, it’s best to contact a professional plumber.

Rest assured knowing that Tunnel Vision's drainage plumbers are available to assist in clearing blocked drains within Perth and its surrounding areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call Tunnel Vision on 1800 631 799 today if you require emergency plumbing services!

How Tunnel Vision Clears Blocked Drains

1. Identifying & Locating the Drainage Problem With Our CCTV Drain Cameras

There can be multiple reasons as to why you're experiencing drain blockages within your home or business. The most common causes of drain blockages are:

  • Hair build-up
  • Grease build-up in the drain
  • Food scraps and cooking oil being disposed of down the drain
  • Plants and tree roots entering the drain pipe
  • Cat litter, baby wipes or toiletries are being flushed down the toilet
  • Pipe breakages

Before we are able to clear blocked drains, we need to first determine the location and diagnose the cause of the drain blockage.

Our state-of-the-art, multi-directional camera equipment provides us with real-time visual data so we can identify plumbing issues with greater accuracy.

Tunnel Vision's CCTV drain cameras greatly streamline the inspection process, resulting in time and cost savings for our residential and commercial customers.

2. Clearing the Blocked Drain With Our Drain Jetting Equipment

Once the root cause of exactly what is causing your clogged drain has been identified, Tunnel Vision will begin focusing on unblocking and cleaning the drain.

Whilst more traditional DIY methods such as a drain auger, caustic cleaners, boiling water, and baking soda and vinegar can help dislodge a loose blockage, nothing can clear drains quite as effectively as Tunnel Visions' high-pressure water jetters.

Using high-velocity water, our hydro-jetting equipment allows us to break up and blast out even the most severe blockages. Tunnel Vision's drain cleaning services are quick and non-invasive, meaning that we pass the savings that you would normally pay for costly excavation work on to you.

If we identify that the blockage is caused by tree root ingress, Tunnel Vision can utilise RootX, a chemical foam treatment that can control fibrous root systems to inhibit the return of root growth for approximately 12 months. RootX is a non-caustic and non-fumigating aquatic herbicide, meaning that it won't harm the tree and has minimal impact on the environment.

With the drain unblocked, Tunnel Vision will then conduct a second drain inspection by inserting our advanced CCTV drain cameras through the drain opening in order to assess the now cleared pipe for any additional plumbing problems, damage or debris.

3. Repairing Any Drainage Problems Caused by the Blockage

If we identify that your pipes are damaged whilst unblocking your drains, don't panic!

Using Nuflow's pipe relining technology, Tunnel Vision can seamlessly repair any leaking, broken or burst water pipes with minimal disruption to homes, businesses and assets.

Tunnel Vision has partnered with Nuflow Australia to deliver Western Australia with a trenchless, no-dig solution to pipe repairs. Nuflow is an environmentally-friendly, scientifically-tested epoxy resin technology that involves placing a liner within an existing pipe and curing it to become effectively a 'pipe within a pipe'.

Nuflow’s epoxy relining technology can structurally reline multiple angle bends, junctions and changes in pipe size, as well as complete start-stop pipe relining and sectional repairs. This provides significant cost savings and flexibility as the need to reline entire lengths of pipe from point of entry to point of repair is not necessarily required.

Nuflow is also compatible with any pipe material, so it doesn't matter if you have PVC, metal or ceramic pipes, Tunnel Vision has a solution for you!

Blocked Drains Perth - Contact the Drainage Experts Today!

Tunnel Vision has over 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry and hundreds of satisfied and happy clients across the Perth metropolitan area.

We provide a range of strata, commercial and government, and residential plumbing services, including emergency plumbing in the greater Perth metropolitan area. That’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

At Tunnel Vision, we're confident that our team of Perth plumbers can get your residential or commercial drainage system unblocked efficiently in no time.

If you suspect that you have a blocked drain on your property, schedule a drain inspection with Tunnel Vision! Contact us by calling 1800 631 799, booking online or sending through an enquiry form today!

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Frequently Asked Questions - Blocked Drains

How Do You Clear a Blocked Drain?

The most effective way to clear a blocked drain is by utilising advanced drain jetting technology. This involves using a high-pressure, hydro jet to cut through debris and flush pipes of any built-up excess materials. If any damage to your drainage system is found when we then inspect the drain with our CCTV drainage cameras post-unblocking, pipe relining can structurally repair your pipe - no digging required.

What Are the Most Common Blocked Drains?

The most common areas that result in more severe blockages are:

  • A blocked sink
  • Blocked shower drains
  • Blocked outdoor drains
  • A blocked toilet

Why Do Drains Get Blocked?

The most common causes of drain blockages are:

Tree Roots

In an attempt to reach a water source, tree roots often work their way into pipes and cause blockages.

Garden Debris

Leaves and other garden debris can cause blockage issues if too much enters the drainage system.

Foreign objects

Anything that shouldn’t be flushed down a pipe in the first place is bound to cause blockages.


If grease or fatty liquids are washed down a kitchen sink, it will build up on the internal walls of the pipes until no water can pass through.


If enough hair begins to build up in your drainage system it can result in some serious pipe blockage damage.

How Do I Know If My Drains Are Blocked?

Some common signs that your drain may be blocked include:

  • A bad smell coming from your drainage system.
  • Significant changes your toilet water level.
  • Kitchen, bathroom and laundry drains emptying slower than usual.
  • Strange gurgling noises occurring when water is emptying down a drain.

What Are Some DIY Solutions to Unblock a Drain?

Blocked drains usually require the attention of a specialist, but there are several simple home remedies you can try on blocked drains yourself, including:

  • Using a plunger
  • Using a plumber's snake / DIY drain snake
  • Boiling water (not recommended for PVC pipes)
  • Baking soda and vinegar
  • Bacteria-based enzyme cleaners

What Size Drains Can Tunnel Vision Inspect?

Tunnel Vision can inspect drains varying in size; from 40mm up to 1500mm.

Tunnel Vision’s plumbers have not come across a drain they can’t unblock. Our plumbers will always provide you with a solution, even if the equipment cannot remove solid blockages on the first attendance, we will work out a way to access your drains and get you moving again. It all depends on access and of course, budget.

Do You Offer a Warranty After Clearing a Blocked Drain?

The simple answer is no. After clearing your blocked drain and inspecting it with our CCTV drain camera, we will show you what the cause of the blockage was. It is then hard to warrant that the drain will ever block again due to the many reasons why a drain could be blocked, including that tree roots will grow back if the drain is not repaired and a grease trap build-up will also reoccur if foods and scraps are put down the kitchen sink.

Tunnel Vision will, however, explain to you the best cause of action to reduce the chances of your drains blocking again in the future.

We do offer a Root X solution that we can flush through your drains after clearing them. This includes a 12-month warranty that this section of drain treated will be free from root ingress. Please note that this process is a temporary fix and needs to be applied on a yearly basis to keep up the warranty.

Does Tunnel Vision Service All Perth Suburbs?

Tunnel Vision has a Perth emergency plumbing team who is available to service any area from Two Rocks, down to Mandurah, and out East to the hills. Contact Tunnel Vision directly on 1800 631 799 to discuss your needs or book online today!

Does Tunnel Vision Charge a Call Out Fee?

Tunnel Vision has a flat rate for the first hour which incorporates our travel to the site and the use of our specialised CCTV drain inspection cameras and high-pressure drain cleaning jets. If our experienced team need more than an hour on-site, we drop down to a per 15 min rate, so you always know what your costs are with no hidden charges for additional equipment. If we require the purchase of any materials or the scenario on-site changes, we will discuss any and all changes to the charges prior to proceeding.

Are Tunnel Vision Licensed Plumbers?

Yes, we are. Plumbing License Number PL: 6905/8764.

What Payment Options Does Tunnel Vision Have Available?

We can take payment via credit card, cash or cheque. Tunnel Vision usually asks for a deposit following making a quote, and you make the final payment on completion of the works. Bookings can be made easily online using our online booking form.

Do I Have to Be On-Site When You Attend to My Property?

While we always like for you to be there, if we have access to the drainage system from outside we can usually clear a drain blockage without you being home. The only thing we can’t do without you there is run your plumbing fixtures from inside the house and you may be left with some debris in the drains internally from when the drains backed up.

You can solve this by running your taps and fixtures to flush through any loose build up that may be sitting in the line after your blockage has been cleared. If you are home, we will do this for you.