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Tree roots are one of the most common causes of broken pipes and blocked drains. Large tree roots can break pipes apart, while smaller tree roots can grow within pipes, taking up space and causing blockages. 

If your outdoor plumbing runs near tree roots, tree root control is essential in maintaining your system and avoiding expensive repairs. Frequent blockages can be an early indicator of tree root obstruction. 

Tunnel Vision can professionally evaluate your pipe system with our CCTV drain camera technology to see the extent of the damage and to check whether tree root control or pipe relining is necessary. If your pipes have roots growing in or near them, a chemical root system treatment can be easily performed, which will clear your pipes and protect them from further damage. 

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How Can You Tell If Tree Roots Are Blocking Your Pipes?

Without a professional inspection, it can be difficult to determine what is obstructing your pipes or even your sewer lines. 

Signs that tree roots may have begun to grow in your pipes and sewer systems include:

  • Sinks taking longer than usual to drain

  • Soft, wet patches beginning to form in your garden

  • Plants or the section of grass over your pipe and sewer system becoming greener than usual

If you suspect that tree roots are beginning to grow in your pipes, it is important to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Otherwise, the roots will continue to grow, block, and could cause damage to your drainage system. Contact a local Perth drainage plumber such as Tunnel Vision to help you identify and resolve the issue at hand. 

How Can You Prevent Roots From Getting Into Your Pipes?

While it might be the first idea that comes to mind for some, performing an entire tree removal isn’t very simple. Depending on your property type, it can be incredibly difficult to avoid having tree roots present in your drainage or septic systems. However, there are a few steps that you can take to stop tree roots and minimise the risk. 

  • If you are building or landscaping, try to avoid planting trees over or close to your pipelines.

  • Pot your plants instead of planting them into the ground.

  • If tree roots find their way through your pipe walls, resolve the issue as soon as possible to avoid the cracks in your pipes becoming larger.

  • If you have an older property with ageing plumbing pipes, enquire with your local plumber to determine whether you should have your sewer pipes relined.

What is Chemical Tree Root Treatment?

RootX is a chemical foam treatment that can control fibrous root systems and ensure that they don’t continue to grow. This treatment uses an aquatic herbicide that is non-caustic and non-fumigating. It has been classified for general use by the Environmental Protection Agency and has been used for a decade to control aquatic weeds, with minimal impact on the environment. 

The chemical root solution foams when in contact with water, meaning it can reach all areas of a pipe system to kill the remaining roots, inhibit their regrowth and restore normal pipe flow capacity. This solution is used exclusively by licensed plumbers who can complete the treatment quickly and efficiently using standard sewer maintenance equipment. 

How Does RootX Work?

RootX includes specific agents that can strip away the grime on roots, allowing chemicals to penetrate the root ends effectively. Only roots within the pipe or within a short distance are affected, leaving trees and shrubs immediately above the pipes unharmed. 

Unlike older chemical root control methods, the RootX chemical treatment does not contain or leave behind chemical residues such as diquat dibromide, copper sulphate or metam sodium. Instead, it is designed to target tree roots and then is washed away, leaving a clean and unobstructed sewer line.  

What are the Benefits of Chemical Tree Root Control?

While cutting roots away from pipes is advised before starting tree root control treatment, it is not a long-term solution as the roots will regrow and move towards the pipes again.

Tree root treatment can kill small root systems that have entered into pipes before they can grow larger and cause structural damage. Removing the roots can also restore a pipe to its normal flow capacity, allowing it to have the space it needs to work properly and reduce the frequency of blockages.  

Clean and open pipes free from roots will last longer and reduce your call-out fees for emergency blockage removal and other repairs. Sewer pipes are particularly susceptible to damage to tree roots, as they are typically underneath trees in the front or backyard. Using an environmentally conscious chemical treatment can help to reduce damage to the local environment and improve the functionality of shared sewerage systems.  

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Repeated drain cleaning can temporarily remove tree roots and other obstructions - but it will not be a cost-effective solution if your pipes have roots growing in them. Treating your drains and pipes with a root control treatment can help to kill roots and prevent them from returning, saving you time and money. 

Our chemical root treatment stops root growth for 12-months from application and comes with a 12-month warranty.  If you’re concerned that tree roots may be obstructing or growing towards your pipes - or have any other blocked drains issue - book an inspection by calling Tunnel Vision on 1800 631 799 or book online.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Tree Root Control

How Do You Kill Tree Roots?

At Tunnel Vision, we use a foaming chemical solution called RootX to kill tree roots. This treatment will only kill the tree roots within the pipeline resulting in minimal damage to your plant and the environment.

How Do I Stop Tree Roots From Growing Under My House?

To stop tree roots from growing under your home, you can take a few steps to minimise the risk, including:

  • Installing root barriers around your trees before you plant them as well as around your home and pipe systems

  • Planting your trees in large pots instead of in the ground

  • Cutting down an entire tree and removing as much of its root system as possible

How to Stop Tree Roots From Growing Back?

Our chemical solution stops roots from growing for 12-months from application and comes with a 12-month warranty. Unfortunately, it is impossible to prevent roots from growing back completely. The best thing you can do is contact your local plumber to investigate as soon as you see the warning signs. 

How Do You Kill Tree Roots Naturally?

To remove tree roots from your pipes naturally, you must physically dig up your pipes and either clean them out or replace them. We don't recommend this as you may have to remove more roots than necessary and, in the process, cause more damage by disturbing surrounding plants.

Does Tunnel Vision Service All Perth Suburbs?

Tunnel Vision has a Perth emergency plumbing team who is available to service any area from Two Rocks, down to Mandurah, and out East to the hills. Contact Tunnel Vision directly on 1800 631 799 to discuss your needs or book online today!

Does Tunnel Vision Charge a Call Out Fee?

Tunnel Vision has a flat rate for the first hour which incorporates our travel to the site and the use of our specialised CCTV drain inspection cameras and high-pressure drain cleaning jets. If our experienced team need more than an hour on-site, we drop down to a per 15 min rate, so you always know what your costs are with no hidden charges for additional equipment. If we require the purchase of any materials or the scenario on-site changes, we will discuss any and all changes to the charges prior to proceeding.

Are Tunnel Vision Licensed Plumbers?

Yes, we are. Plumbing License Number PL: 6905/8764.

What Payment Options Does Tunnel Vision Have Available?

We can take payment via credit card, cash or cheque. Tunnel Vision usually asks for a deposit following making a quote, and you make the final payment on completion of the works. Bookings can be made easily online using our online booking form.

Do I Have to Be On-Site When You Attend to My Property?

While we always like for you to be there, if we have access to the drainage system from outside we can usually clear a drain blockage without you being home. The only thing we can’t do without you there is run your plumbing fixtures from inside the house and you may be left with some debris in the drains internally from when the drains backed up.

You can solve this by running your taps and fixtures to flush through any loose build up that may be sitting in the line after your blockage has been cleared. If you are home, we will do this for you.