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How to Unblock a Toilet Drain in 6 Simple Steps

Being able to unblock a toilet drain in your home can save you valuable time and money. Blocked toilets can happen for several reasons, but most are not serious can be removed by following a few easy steps.

Before attempting to unblock your toilet's blocked drain, first, apply some damage limitation. Don’t repeatedly flush your toilet to remove a blockage - it may overflow and then you’ll have a mess to clear up as well as a blocked toilet drain!

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What Are the Causes of a Blocked Toilet Drain?

Blocked toilet drains are usually the result of one or more of the following:

  • Toilet paper
  • Toys or other items thrown in by children
  • Food
  • Menstrual pads, tampons and sanitary napkins
  • Cotton balls
  • Hair
  • Diapers and baby wipes
  • Tree roots in your plumbing system

How To Unblock a Toilet Drain

1. Source & Locate the Problem

If the cause of the toilet blockage is visible, put on a pair of rubber gloves and remove it. If you cannot see the cause of the blockage then it’s time to experiment. 


2. Add Dishwasher Liquid & Hot Water

Keep your rubber gloves on and drop a small amount of dishwashing liquid and a half bucket of hot water, pour it into the toilet bowl from waist height and leave for a few minutes.


3. Plunge the Toilet to Loosen Blockage

Choose a heavy-duty plunger with a flange on its base. Place the plunger completely over the hole at the bottom of the toilet bowl until it is submerged in water. Press down firmly and slowly. Repeat.


4. Hook Toilet Blockage With Coat Hanger

Next, try using an unravelled wire coat-hanger to hook the blockage. This technique is most effective when the toilet blockage is in the first 5cm – 10cm of the drain.


5. Remove Deeper Blockages With a Plumbing Snake/Auger

If the blockage is too deep to unblock with a coat hanger, a plumbing ‘snake’ or ‘auger’ is great at removing difficult toilet blockages. A plumbing auger is a coiled wire that can ‘snake’ through twists and turns in drains. Due to its high flexibility, a plumbing auger is incredibly effective in locating and removing deep toilet blockages.


6. Enzyme-Based Chemicals

Another method to unblock your toilet is utilising enzyme-based chemicals to break down the solid matter that is causing the blockage. This will only work on organic matter (not objects or hair) and takes some time for effects to take place. Alternatively, find a bucket and half fill it with hot water, baking soda and vinegar. This water-based solution is a great alternative to enzyme-based chemicals and is very effective at breaking down solid matter.


We Are the Perth Blocked Drain Experts

If none of the above helps you unblock your toilet or you find that the problem is recurring often, it might be best to get in contact with a blocked drain professional. The blockage may be too far down the pipe to fix with standard approaches.

Tunnel Vision has been unblocking drains for Perth homes for years. We utilise the latest plumbing technology to fix problems quickly and easily – call 1800 631 799 or send us an enquiry today!

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