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The Ultimate Stormwater Drain Guide

When the rainy season hits Perth this winter, you'll want to ensure your property is adequately prepared to handle the deluge. Failing to do so could result in a blocked drain, flooding, and significant damage to your home or business.

From June to August you'll be especially at risk, so now is the time to take the necessary steps to protect your property from any emergency plumbing issues. Here's what you need to know about storm water drains.

What are Stormwater Drains and How Do Stormwater Systems Work?

When it rains, the water runs off the edges of your roof, gathering up leaves, twigs and other debris in the process. This is what is known as stormwater, and this is where a storm water drain system comes in.

Stormwater drains are installed both on properties such as businesses and homes as well as in local government-owned areas like near the curbs of roads (known as site drainage and civil drain systems). The stormwater drains on properties are installed in a way so stormwater can flow steadily through tanks and pipes into a public system.

When everything is working as it should in a storm drain system, the excess stormwater runoff is carried away from your property to the nearest body of water - such as an ocean, a lake or a stream through a series of pipes, drains and gutters.

Why are Stormwater Drains Important to Have?

In many areas throughout Australia, there aren’t ideal ways for storm water runoff to flow appropriately. This could be due to land angles and heights, as well as roads and other pathways and constructions.

Functioning stormwater drains are imperative to have in these situations as they allow stormwater to flow into a public sewer system effectively and capture sediment without hassle.

If there is a problem somewhere in the stormwater system, the stormwater can't get to where it needs to go, leading to drain blockage, flooding, pooling water and other complications.

Preparing Your Property for the Rainy Season

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get your storm drain and stormwater pipes ready in time for winter.

· Fix Cracked or Leaking Pipes

cracked pipe causing stormwater drainage errors

Your stormwater drainage pipes are incredibly important as they handle the difficult task of rushing stormwater away from your property. With cracks or other damage to the pipes - which can be caused by factors such as tree roots - the water can't flow as efficiently and it can leak out of the pipes and into the ground.

If you have a poorly managed stormwater drainage system, you may want to dig out damaged sections of the pipe so you can replace them. However, this will make quite a mess of your yard, and you'll have to redo your landscaping after the fact.

As a more efficient alternative, Tunnel Vision offers a trenchless pipe repair solution using Nuflow technology. With our innovative trenchless pipe relining services, we can seal off any cracks in the pipes without tearing up your garden. Not only will this provide a solution for any of the current issues, but it will also help prevent further issues such as root ingress or cracks in the future.

· Clear Out Your Gutters and Drains

blocked gutters causing poor stormwater management

The gutters along the edges of your roof play an important role in stormwater management: they direct the water off your roof and away from the structure of your home or business.

This helps to prevent the water from pooling in areas where it shouldn't and creating a blocked stormwater drain. However, your roof gutters can't do their job if they are filled with dead leaves and other debris.

Make sure you get up on a ladder to ensure you have gotten everything out of your gutters. If you would prefer not to tackle this challenging task on your own, it might be worth investing in a handyman or asking a friend or family member to assist as climbing at heights is dangerous if not properly prepared. It may also be worth considering buying some gutter guards to assist with stormwater blockages.

· Dispose of Any Stormwater Build-up

stormwater buildup from incorrect stormwater drainage management

If stormwater has already begun to collect on your property due to improper drainage or damage to your existing storm drains, it is in your best interest to dispose of it right away before it has the chance to cause lasting damage to your property.

Liquid waste disposal is a highly specialised task as it is crucial to remove as much of the water as possible to minimise damage. We can remove all the liquid and debris (leaves/sand/mud) from your stormwater pits and chambers and ensure the waste is disposed of at an approved waste facility.

Our technicians are experts in this area and can have your property back to normal in no time. We'll also help you put measures into place to prevent stormwater drainage from building up again in the future.

Book Your Stormwater Drainage Inspection Today

The team here at Tunnel Vision will be more than happy to look over your stormwater management system to identify any possible trouble areas. We are incredibly thorough and will provide you with a detailed report of our findings, including CCTV camera footage of any inspected drain pipes.

Tunnel Vision will also put together a cost estimate for any work needed to address problems in your stormwater drainage. Don't wait until the rains have started. Get in touch with us today on 1800 631 799 to get your property ready.

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