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The Ultimate Guide to Low Water Pressure

Having low water pressure in your home means that your plumbing system is not working optimally. Instead of water flowing strong and free through all of your home’s piping and water outlets, there is something causing a bottleneck of sorts. As a result, the water flow is poor.

Whether you’re experiencing low cold water pressure or low hot water pressure, we’re here to help. In this guide, we will identify what might be causing the problem and what can be done to remedy it.

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How to Identify Low Water Pressure

When your house has low water pressure, you may notice several problems. Weakly flowing taps may take a long time to fill up your kitchen sink or bathtub. When it’s time to take a shower, you may be disappointed by the low hot water pressure that isn’t giving you the spa-like experience that you had hoped for - especially if you have a dedicated hot water tank. 

Appliances such as your dishwasher and clothes washer might take longer to run their cycle than they should. Overall, having low water pressure in house simply becomes a frustrating experience that can try your patience.

Causes of Low Water Pressure

There are several possibilities that could be causing problems, making your hot water pressure low.

Water Meter Valve

Your home’s water meter valve is usually found right next to the water meter on the main city supply pipe that delivers water straight inside your home. It is typically only adjusted by those who work for the water company. If you have recently had some work done on your plumbing system and now your water pressure is low, it is a possibility that this valve was not left completely open.

Main House Shutoff Valve

Another possibility that could be causing your low water pressure problem is that your main house shutoff valve might not be fully open. To find this valve, look inside your home, where the supply pipe enters through your home’s foundation wall. 

However, in some cases, the main shutoff may be outdoors. This valve may resemble a wheel or might be a ball valve. As with the water meter valve, the same situation applies here. If you recently have had some work done, chances are the valve was not left fully opened when the job was finished.

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Failing Pressure Regulator

A failing pressure regulator can also cause a low water pressure situation. The purpose of a pressure regulator is to reduce the amount of pressure in your plumbing system until it reaches a safer level for your pipes. It should be noted that not every home has a pressure regulator. 

However, if you have one and yours is going bad, it can cause your water pressure to spike very high or decrease to a very low level. When a pressure regulator breaks, all of a sudden, the water pressure in all of the fixtures of the home changes significantly. Allowing a professional to take care of this problem is highly recommended.

Old Steel Piping

Last but not least, your home may have low water pressure if it is fitted with old, galvanized steel water pipes. This is because if they are old enough, they may have corroded on the inside. 

Because of this corrosion, the amount of water that is able to flow through them is significantly decreased. Due to scale and corrosion, the pipe becomes closed off and a cold or hot water supply cannot flow freely flow through them and out through the tap.

If old pipes are the problem, you won’t notice a drop in water pressure overnight. However, if your house has old pipes, a low water pressure situation can grow worse before you know it.

Potential Solutions to Fix Low Water Pressure in the House

No one wants to end their hard day at work with a problem in their hot water system giving them a low water pressure shower! Let’s take a look at several ways you might restore a healthy flow of water back into the heart of your home.

Open Your Main Water Valve

As mentioned, you need to make sure that your main water valve is completely opened. This is the quickest way to ensure that the most water possible is going into your home.

Have the Pressure Regulator Replaced

If you have an old, faulty, or broken pressure regulator, have a qualified plumber make certain that the part is still functioning properly. If it needs replacing, have them take care of it right away.

Check Your Pipes for Leaks

If your pipes are cracked or damaged, water may be leaking from them. This may cause less water to be coming out of the tap. Taking care of any small leaks may restore the flow to a particular area. However, if you have a leak in your main pipe, you will definitely need a plumber to take care of that for you.

Unclog or Replace Corroded Pipes

Your plumber can check your potentially blocked pipes to see if your mineral deposits can be unclogged. However, if you have steel pipes that are very old, it simply may just be time to have them replaced. Unfortunately, this is a serious problem that can become a very expensive undertaking.

Have a Home Water Pressure Booster Installed

Let’s say you still are not completely satisfied with the water pressure inside your home. There is a possibility that it could just be your neighbourhood. 

To explain, your distance from the water source impact how strong your water pressure is going to be. If your water supply has to travel uphill, this could also have an effect. In a situation like this, there is something that can be done. You might want to try having a water pressure booster pump installed.

Trust the Water Pressure Professionals

When it comes to finding an effective solution for fixing your low water pressure problem, why not take the guesswork out of it? We are a team of experienced experts in the pressure of both hot and cold water.

Our team of skilled experts at Tunnel Vision Perth will identify the root cause of your low water pressure and present you with an affordable solution to remedy it. Contact us today and allow us to restore your water pressure to an optimal level, or for any other concerns regarding your hot water unit, blocked drains, water leaks, and more.

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