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How to Detect a Hidden Leak in Your Home

Early water leak detection can save your Perth home from excess water bills, rot or other water damage inside or outside your house.

Most leaks can be mended quickly and relatively easily if they are caught early and don’t develop into larger problems.

If you have unexplained rising water bills you should check for leaks in all the most likely places. Below is a guide for detecting a hidden leak in your home, with a few of the most common culprits:

1. Inspect the hot water tank

A hot water tank can leak without you knowing about it, as the Pressure Relief Valve may be plumbed directly into a drain. A leak may make a hissing sound; if not, remove the drain pipe and check.

2. Check the toilet

Removing the top of the toilet tank and listening for the telltale hissing sound is a good starting point. If you hear something, try to determine exactly where the leak is.

A good trick if you suspect the toilet of a leak is to inject some food colouring or dye into the tank; if the dye appears in the toilet bowl without any flushing then there could be a leak in the flapper at the bottom of the tank.

3. The Pipe from the Meter to the House

A leak in the pipe from the meter to the house will send bills higher without you knowing it. If you suspect this, turn off the shut off valve for a minute, then inspect the meter to see if it is still turning. Also, check the ground around the pipe outside – if it is very muddy or there is an area of extra-green grass growing quicker than other areas, you have found your leak.

4. What do You Do When you Detect a Leak?

If you have a leak inside the house with the hot water, toilet, taps, or shower heads, it is best to call a licensed plumber if you are not experienced with fixing such problems.

Outside the house, you will require pipe repair specialists to apply the latest technologies to repairing damaged pipes. Underground pipes can be difficult to access without the right equipment and nowadays many Perth properties use trenchless pipe repairing because there is no digging required.

The location and size of a leak can be very difficult to detect for the average homeowner. Experienced plumbers will be more likely to find and repair a leak quickly and easily using the proper equipment.

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