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How to Identify If You Have a Water Leak on Your Property

A water leak on your property can be quite challenging to detect - you may only realise you have one after you’ve received an unexpected hefty water bill!

Water leaks can often start minor and go undetected for months until they inevitably worsen and cause major property damage. Even a small leak can lead to major problems, so checking your plumbing system is a must.

That’s why it’s so important that you have your piping system thoroughly investigated if you suspect you have a water leak!

This article aims to explain what can cause a water leak, as well as how to best detect leaks in your home.

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What Can Cause a Water Leak?

There are a variety of different reasons that water leaks occur, and many will be out of your control due to general wear and tear of plumbing systems in your home such as your piping, a toilet tank, or other.

The cause of your water leak can actually change the type of plumbing specialist you require.

Due to this, many people find it helpful to determine the source of the leak before contacting their local Perth plumber

The most common causes of water leaks are:


What Are the Signs of a Water Leak?

Small water leaks can go undetected for months due to their subtle warning signs.

If you have experienced any of the following, we recommend contacting a plumbing specialist to further investigate and resolve your water leak before it becomes a larger issue.

You may have a water leak on your property if:

  • You can hear water running even though you aren't using any taps or appliances.

  • You have received larger than usual water bills.

  • There are water stains or peeling paint on your walls or roof.

  • Soft or muddy patches have appeared in your garden.

  • Your hot water systems or air conditioning units haven't been performing as expected.


How to Find a Water Leak

If you notice a water leak but aren't too sure where it is coming from, there are a couple of steps you can take to locate the source yourself before calling a plumber.

Step 1 - Turn Off All Fixtures that Use Water at Your Property

Before you attempt to find a water leak, complete the following to eliminate any false signs of water leaks: 

  • Tightly turn off all plumbing fixtures including showers, taps, and sprinklers.

  • Make sure that appliances such as your dishwasher or washing machine are off.


Step 2 - Check the Water Meter

Now that you know there isn’t any water accidentally dripping out of any fixtures, inspect your water meter to see if it is turning.

If it is, your property likely has a water leak. You can detect the level of the severeness of the water leak by how quickly the numbers on the meter change. If the numbers are not changing, note them down and check back in an hour.

After an hour has passed, compare the number you have previously noted to the number currently present on the meter.

If it has changed, you likely have a minor water leak. This is good news as you have likely caught the water leak while it is still small and easy to fix.


Step 3 - Listen For Drips or Hissing

While giving your water meter some time to see if it changes, quietly walk around your home, listening out for a dripping, leaking tap or any hissing noises.

Even just a few drops or a tiny drizzle of water from the toilet cistern into the toilet bowl can cause your water bill to rise. If you can hear a hissing noise emanating from your walls, there is likely water still flowing through your pipes due to a water leak.


Step 4 - Check For Leaking Outdoor Taps and Sprinklers

In the warmer months, outdoor taps and sprinklers can easily hide leaks as the water quickly evaporates in the heat, leaving no evidence of the leak occurring.

To inspect if an outdoor tap is the source of your water loss, check underneath the taps for any small, damp patches.

You can find out if your lawn’s sprinklers are the source of your water loss by inspecting the lawn along your sprinkler line for any substantially ‘greener’ patches.

We also recommend that you feel for any wet spots on the grass around the sprinkler lines and heads, or any very green patches of garden or vegetation that could be growing quickly due to a water leak underground.


Step 5 - Inspect Before the Water Meter

Even if your water meter doesn’t indicate there is a major water leak, there’s still a chance that a pipe may have burst before your water meter.

When inspecting your property, don’t forget to check for signs of a water leak immediately outside your property and water meter.

If you believe that a water leak is present but is beyond your area of responsibility, contact the Water Corporation


How Does Tunnel Vision Repair Leaking Pipes?

Tunnel Vision are specialists in water leak detection and pipe repair. 

The team at Tunnel Vision utilises advanced acoustic water leak detection equipment to determine the source and location of your water leak.

This equipment consists of purpose-built industrial microphones to detect the micro-vibrations created by a burst water pipe. These vibrations travel along the length of a pipe and are then followed to the source of the leak.

Our expert plumbers will repair your leaking pipe by cutting out the damaged section and replacing it with a brand new pipe.

Generally, insurance will cover the costs of the investigating, reinstatement, and repair work. All you should need to cover is the cost for the replacement pipe, which is normally a very small section and relatively inexpensive.

Tunnel Vision will also submit a leak allowance form to the Water Corporation ensuring that any reimbursement water costs are passed back to you on your next water bill.


Contact Tunnel Vision - The Water Leak Detection Experts!

Detecting a plumbing problem within a property and providing an effective solution requires the right set of tools and skills.

The Tunnel Vision team can perform a leak detection test and swiftly resolve your plumbing issue with our industry-leading water leak detection technology before it becomes a bigger issue.

Tunnel Vision also provides a variety of other plumbing services, including blocked drain and blocked sewer management, pipe relining, tree root control, drain cleaning, CCTV drain inspections, liquid waste disposal and more!

If you suspect that you have a water leak somewhere within your property, give Tunnel Vision a call on 1800 631 799 or book an appointment online!

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