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Guide to Drainage Services

Drainage services could mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. What drainage services you need will very likely depend on your drainage problem. We’ve compiled a quick list of drainage problems and services to give you an idea of the sort of service you could be needing.

Drainage Problem: Blocked Drain

The most common blocked drains or drainage problem of all would probably have to be the blocked drain. At least it’s an easy one to pick up on: if waste water can’t pass through, it’s blocked.

  • Drainage Service: Drain Jet Cleaning

To unblock drains, we blast out the blockage with a high pressure jet cleaning system. Since we’re based in Perth, if blocked drains Perth is your problem, we can definitely help. If you have a drain that is partially blocked, this drainage service will also get your drains in good working order again.

Drainage Problem: Flooded Area around a drain or pipes

Whether the drain is outside or inside, if there’s water or mud in a place that shouldn’t be wet, chances are there’s a cracked or broken pipe somewhere in the system.

  • Drainage Service: Professional Pipe Relining

To remove the excess water, you'll first need to hire a liquid waste disposal specialist. To fix a cracked or broken pipe, we use patented technology to repair the pipe with a seamless liner. The best part of this drainage solution is there is no digging necessary. The liner goes into the pipe, a bladder is then used to get the liner in the right place, and it is left to cure. The result is a structurally sound repair.


These two drainage services are the two that will fix most drainage problems. We can also offer other specialised drainage services such as drain inspections and mapping of drainage systems.

For more information or for professional advice on your drainage issues, contact us.

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