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The Difference Between a Drainage Plumber and a General Plumber

To the average person, the terms ‘plumbing’ and ‘drainage’ may seem interchangeable, but they are actually very different systems with very separate purposes.

Plumbing is considered the system in which clean water enters your property and any issue relating to your property’s internal pipes.

Conversely, drainage is the system through which wastewater is taken away from your property. There are many types of internal and external drains - including sewerage and shower drains.

Often, people will call a general plumber when what they are looking for is a specialised drainage plumber. The last thing you want to do when you’re in the midst of a crisis is contact the wrong person and waste valuable time.

Within this article, learn the core differences between what tasks a general plumber and a specialist drainage plumber perform.

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General Plumber

Leaking Taps

A dripping tap can be a major source of annoyance in your home or business. A leaking tap may seem like a small maintenance problem, but if it goes untreated, it has the potential to lead to property damage and very high water bills.

If your kitchen, bathroom or laundry tap is constantly leaking and you’re not confident in trying to fix a leaking tap yourself, you may need to get in contact with your local general plumber.

Hot Water System

Nothing is worse than waking up to an unexpectedly cold early morning shower. If your hot water system doesn’t appear to be working or it’s just not working as well as it usually does, definitely call your general plumber as soon as possible.

Fitting Installation

You’ve just bought a brand new toilet for your latest bathroom renovation project. For all plumbing installations, we recommend that you contact your local general plumber. Just make sure they have a full plumbing licence so you don’t void any warranties!

Drainage Plumber

Inspecting Drains

If you feel like there is something strange happening with your drains, don’t wait until it turns into a serious problem. Blocked drains are not to be taken lightly, as the issues that can spawn from them can take a lot of time and money to resolve - making clearing blocked drains a very high priority.

A specialist drainage plumber can conduct a drain inspection utilising advanced CCTV drain camera technology to assess the conditions of the pipes and advise whether any repairs are required. Drain blockages can be caused by a number of things - a specialist in blocked drains in Perth can identify this information for you.

Any cracks, holes, and blockages within your household or business’ drainage can be found with ease and clarity. When it comes to blocked drains Perth-wide, a drainage plumber is the way to go.

Low Water Pressure

Just as much as no one likes a cold shower, no one likes a weak shower either! We’ve all experienced it – nothing is as disappointing as jumping into the shower for a quick wash and the water dribbles out of the showerhead.

If you have been experiencing low water pressure for an extended period of time, you may need to get in contact with a drainage plumber to perform a full assessment of your water system and check for potential blockages.

Cleaning Drains

If a drainage plumber has discerned that there is a blockage within your piping, they will utilise drain jetting technology to clear the blockage. Water is blasted down the drain at a high pressure and velocity to dislodge the blockage.

Once it’s clear, the drainage plumber will utilise the CCTV drain cameras again to check that the blockage has been completely cleared and if there is any damage that may have been hidden before. It’s clear that drain clearing technology is a great asset to getting a drain unblocked.

Detecting Leakages ­

Water leaks are among the most wasteful, common, and hardest to detect drainage issues. One indication that you may have a water leak is abnormally high water bills that don’t correspond to your average consumption. 

Drainage plumbers utilise acoustic leak detection equipment to accurately, quickly and easily detect the source of a burst water pipe or leakages. Once the cause of the problem is determined, your drainage plumber will propose a solution to repair your system.


Unblocking Drains

A blocked drain is easily among the most frustrating, bothersome and stressful drainage problems. If your drain is taking a long time to clear, there are gurgling sounds, or a bad smell is coming from the drain, the most likely cause is a drain blockage.

Most people resort to pouring caustic liquids down the drain as a quick and easy solution, however, these are not only toxic to humans, but they have the potential to damage the structural integrity of your existing drainage system.

If you’re experiencing a blocked drain or a blocked toilet, we recommend utilising a specialist drainage plumber such as Tunnel Vision as the results are immediate and no harsh chemicals or digging is involved, saving you both time and money.

Unblocking Sewer Drains

If a blocked sewer drain is left unfixed, the issue can extend to your entire neighbourhood. Not only are there sanitary concerns, but there is a very high possibility that a pressure build-up could cause severe damage to your pipes. This makes being able to unblock and clear blocked drains very important.

If you believe you have a blocked sewer drain, contact a drainage plumber for a sewer drain cleaning service. Blocked drains services are very much worth it in the long run.

Repairing Damaged or Burst Pipes

There is always a chance that the blockage may have caused some damage to your piping. If your drainage plumber concludes that your piping needs to be repaired, they can utilise a method called ‘pipe relining’.

Traditionally, in order to access and repair a pipe, large excavation and digging was required. This often resulted in major disruption to the surrounding area, required a large amount of manual labour and therefore was very costly, and had large structural risks associated.

With pipe relining technology, an epoxy liner is placed inside the existing pipe and allowed to cure, essentially creating a brand new and structurally sound ‘pipe within a pipe’. It is a quick, no-dig, cost-effective, and high-quality solution to pipe repair.

Controlling Tree Roots

The roots of trees located close to your property can end up breaking your pipes apart in search of moisture.

Using a chemical root treatment, your drainage plumber can sterilise the tree roots and clear the piping of any fibrous root systems. Don’t worry though, the root treatment is actually an aquatic herbicide and won’t actually harm the tree itself.

Combine this with a pipe relining service and your drainage system will be as good as new. If you have noticed that your drains are regularly blocked by tree roots, we recommend an annual tree root treatment to prevent future damage and blockages.

Disposal of Liquid Waste

Liquid waste such as septic tank wastewater and grease traps cannot be disposed of in the same way as traditional waste. 

It can be extremely dangerous unless handled by a professional and experienced drainage plumber. To prevent contamination of your property and maintain hygiene levels, use a specialised drainage plumber to remove your liquid waste correctly.

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Blocked drain plumbers clear blockages from drains, replace or reline damaged drainage pipes, and basically deal with external pipe and sewer problems. Whether it’s a residential or commercial drainage system, the right plumber makes all the difference.

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