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Septic Tank Cleaning & Waste Disposal

If you are located on a remote property or an unsewered development, or if you are living in an older home, you may be using a septic tank system for your liquid waste disposal needs. 

Septic systems are necessary for areas that don't have access to the local sewerage system as they ensure efficient and safe wastewater disposal. Failing to maintain a septic system can result in a variety of health issues, plumbing problems and costly fixes. This is why it's important to regularly utilise a regular professional septic tank and wastewater system cleaning service like Tunnel Vision.

Our team is proud to be one of Perth's most dependable septic tank waste disposal companies. With 20+ years of experience and the very latest technology and equipment, our liquid waste disposal experts are ready to provide the safe, effective and affordable plumbing services you need to keep your septic tank in top condition.


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What Is a Septic Tank System?

A septic tank is an underground sewage storage system commonly used for households that can’t access the local sewer system.

Septic systems are most often made up of one or two tanks, as well as a set of drainage receptacles called soakwells or leach drains. The septic tanks are separated into two sections, allowing wastewater to pass into the leach drains while keeping solid food waste in the tank.

If you’re curious about how septic systems work, the process is fairly straightforward. Wastewater from the home’s laundry, bathrooms and kitchen leaves the home via a series of drainage pipes and is deposited in the septic tank nearby.

In septic tanks, all solid waste sinks to the bottom and is broken down with help from the untreated wastewater – the liquid sewage – and healthy bacteria. This layer of sewage is known as sludge. Any grease waste, oil or similar materials float to the surface of the wastewater and form a layer of scum, which helps trap air to assist in the breakdown process.

Once free from sludge and scum, the wastewater is able to pass through a series of pipes where it is disposed of via the leach drains. Since accumulated sludge and scum can’t pass through leach drains, it is important to periodically remove build-up from septic tanks to ensure that the septic system and treatment processes work safely and efficiently.

How Do Our Septic Tank Waste Disposal Services Work?

We are happy to provide comprehensive septic tank waste disposal services for septic tanks throughout Perth.

Our septic tank cleaning and waste disposal services include necessary components, such as septic tank pumping, emptying, damage examination and more, to ensure that your tank is well taken care of.

When you enlist the team at Tunnel Vision for septic tank cleaning, you can expect the process to follow these general steps:

  1. Our team will locate your septic system and expose the tank for cleaning. In some cases, this may require minor digging to remove the tank lid.

  2. We will gauge the thickness of the sludge and scum layers to determine how much sludge has built up in the tank.

  3. Using specialised tools, our professional liquid waste removalists will empty the tank and ensure that the contents are disposed of safely.

  4. Once the tanks are empty, our experts will complete a thorough examination to ensure that your septic tank is undamaged and functional.

  5. We will then refill the tank with water and reseal it.

  6. Our septic tank waste disposal services are designed to clean and service your septic tank safely and thoroughly so that you can rest easy knowing your septic system is fully functional.

Why Choose Tunnel Vision for Septic Tank Cleaning Services

When it comes to septic tank cleaning services, the dedication, professionalism and expertise of the Tunnel Vision team set us apart. We’re proud to offer a host of benefits for our clients, including:

  • Professional Technicians - Every member of our team is an expert at what they do, ensuring that you enjoy only the best service.

  • Competitive Prices - We keep our prices fair and cost-effective so that you can trust you’re getting the best deal on septic tank pumping costs.

  • Safe Disposal - All waste matter is disposed of appropriately, safely and in a manner that adheres to local guidelines and rules.

  • Customisable Services - Each of our services can be tailored to your timeline, budget, septic tank size, and unique needs.

  • Varied Schedules - Whether you need emergency plumbing assistance or want to set up regularly scheduled services, our team offers various options to meet your needs.

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When not properly maintained, septic systems pose not only a health hazard but a costly problem as well. Professional septic tank maintenance and regular cleaning will ensure that your septic system lasts long, functions properly and remains safe to use for many years to come.

Cleaning sewage may not be a glamorous job, but it’s one we take seriously! Whether you need your own septic tank pumped with a septic waste disposal service or an emergency plumbing issue, the team at Tunnel Vision is always ready to help.

Get in touch with us today by calling on 1800 631 799, or send us an online enquiry to learn more about our wide range of professional plumbing services.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Septic Tank Cleaning & Waste

Why Do You Need to Pump Out Septic Tank Systems?

Septic systems naturally accumulate sludge over time. This sludge not only limits the space in the tank (potentially clogging the system) but can also decrease the efficacy of your system by killing the good bacteria and act as a breeding ground for dangerous parasites and toxins.

How Often Should Septic Tank Systems Be Pumped Out?

The majority of residential septic tanks need to be pumped out only once every two to five years. However, tanks that are smaller or households with a greater number of people may require maintenance services more often.

What Are the Warning Signs of Unhealthy Septic Tank Systems?

Because septic tanks are located underground, it can be difficult to determine what state they’re in. Luckily, there are several signs you can watch for that will help notify you of an unhealthy septic tank:

  • Unpleasant smells – such as sulphur – located around the tank

  • Drains, toilets and sinks that clear slowly or not at all

  • Liquid waste visible in the area around the tank

  • Rich soil and green grass on the ground surface around the septic tank

What is a Drip Distribution Septic System?

A drip distribution system is a septic tank system that has been designed to distribute liquids through pipes across the surface of the soil. This type of distribution system is a solution commonly utilised in areas where there are no natural water sources or sufficient rainfall, such as arid desert regions. One benefit of a drip distribution system is that it does not need expensive pumps because gravity takes care of distributing the liquid throughout your yard.

What is a Drain Field?

A drain field, also called a leach field or drainage field, is a system of pipes and gravel that filters the wastewater coming from your septic tank. The water drains through the drain field and the gravel absorbs some of it in order to prevent overflow into other parts of the property. It is important to have a professional liquid waste disposal expert such as Tunnel Vision inspect your drain field annually or every six months.

What is an Effluent Disposal System?

An effluent disposal system is a wastewater treatment system that separates wastewater from other liquids and solids. This includes the removal of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium from sewage. Effluent disposal systems are typically used with septic tanks to protect groundwater supplies. A typical effluent waste disposal system consists of a combination of three main parts: an inlet pipe chamber, settling tank, and outlet chamber.

What is a Wastewater Treatment Plant?

A wastewater treatment plant is a facility that treats sewage so it can be released safely back into the environment. There are different types of sewage treatment plants, but they all generally do two things: remove solid materials from the water and disinfect the water with chlorine or other chemicals. Water leaves the plant after being treated for use in irrigation, industry, power generation and other purposes.

What Can I Do to Maintain My Septic Tank System?

Performing regular septic system maintenance can help reduce the chance of septic tank emergencies and ensure that your tank is healthy, up to local government regulations, and functioning properly. You can help prevent damage to your tank by:

  • Allowing only water and waste to enter your septic tank

  • Not putting harsh chemicals, large items, excessive amounts of grease or fat, or anything other than toilet paper into your waterways

  • Engaging a professional septic tank specialist business such as Tunnel Vision to clean and maintain your system 

  • Ensuring that all foot and road traffic is kept off of your system

  • Work towards conserving as much water as possible

  • Monitoring for signs of an unhealthy septic tank

Regular maintenance is imperative to keep your septic system healthy and functioning. Be sure to get in touch with our team at Tunnel Vision for quality professional help that will keep your septic system in top shape.

Does Tunnel Vision Service All Perth Suburbs?

Tunnel Vision has a Perth emergency plumbing team who is available to service any area from Two Rocks, down to Mandurah, and out East to the hills. Contact Tunnel Vision directly on 1800 631 799 to discuss your needs or book online today!

Does Tunnel Vision Charge a Call Out Fee?

Tunnel Vision has a flat rate for the first hour which incorporates our travel to the site and the use of our specialised CCTV drain inspection cameras and high-pressure drain cleaning jets. If our experienced team need more than an hour on-site, we drop down to a per 15 min rate, so you always know what your costs are with no hidden charges for additional equipment. If we require the purchase of any materials or the scenario on-site changes, we will discuss any and all changes to the charges prior to proceeding.

Are Tunnel Vision Licensed Plumbers?

Yes, we are. Plumbing License Number PL: 6905/8764.

What Payment Options Does Tunnel Vision Have Available?

We can take payment via credit card, cash or cheque. Tunnel Vision usually asks for a deposit following making a quote, and you make the final payment on completion of the works. Bookings can be made easily online using our online booking form.

Do I Have to Be On-Site When You Attend to My Property?

While we always like for you to be there, if we have access to the drainage system from outside we can usually clear a drain blockage without you being home. The only thing we can’t do without you there is run your plumbing fixtures from inside the house and you may be left with some debris in the drains internally from when the drains backed up.

You can solve this by running your taps and fixtures to flush through any loose build up that may be sitting in the line after your blockage has been cleared. If you are home, we will do this for you.