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Why Tunnel Vision Loves Nuflow Plumbing

There’s one plumbing problem that every property owner dreads to discover – a leaking or damaged water pipe beneath their property. Whether it’s a sewer or potable line, faulty pipes can cause serious damage if left unattended.

Traditionally, in order to access and repair broken underground pipes, major earthmoving would be required. This repair process would last for several days and would often cause significant environmental property damage. If damaged pipes were located in hard to reach areas, say beneath a driveway or building, this process would become not only incredibly time-consuming and inconvenient, but very expensive.

Nuflow Plumbing’s advanced pipe relining technology allows us to repair broken pipes in a fraction of the time and with minimal digging. If you’re constantly experiencing leaking pipes within your home or business, worry no more. Tunnel Vision and Nuflow Plumbing’s pipe relining technology are here to save the day!


What is Nuflow Plumbing Pipe Relining?

Nuflow Plumbing pipe relining is a trenchless, cost-effective solution to pipe repair.

Using the latest advanced epoxy pipe relining technology, we can create a seamless liner within the inner walls of the pipe that essentially acts as a ‘pipe within a pipe’.

These environmentally friendly, scientifically tested epoxy resins are highly flexible are can repair pipes of any shape or size.

This includes:

  • Horizontal pipes 
  • Vertical pipes 
  • S-traps 
  • P-traps 
  • Elbows 
  • Junctions
  • 90-degree and 45-degree bends 

The 3 Different Types of Nuflow Pipe Relining Technology

There are three different types of Nuflow pipe relining technology that are utilised by Tunnel Vision to seamlessly reline and repair leaking and broken pipes.

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1. Blueline

Blueline is an epoxy liner that is designed to repair high wear, structural, high-temperature, and acid pipe drainage systems. The liner is installed inside the damaged pipe’s interior wall, sealing and protecting the pipe system from further deterioration while simultaneously increasing lifespan.

2. Greenline

Greenline is Nuflow Plumbing’s potable water pipe relining solution. It has been specifically designed to repair drinking water pipes and high-pressure mains with minimal environmental disruption. Greenline can structurally repair any potable system, no matter shape or size, prevent tree root intrusions, stop leakage and increase flow rate. Nuflow Greenline is the quickest and most cost-effective solution for potable pipe repair.

3. Redline

Redline is an efficient alternative for repairing pressurised metal, copper, steel and iron pipe systems. Similar to Blueline, a red epoxy coating is applied to the inner walls of the broken pipe system. The non-invasive nature of this process allows the interior and exterior surfaces of buildings, landscapes and structures to remain undamaged.

5 Reasons Why We Love Nuflow Technologies

1. Less Earthmoving and Risks

A high percentage of water pipe systems are located deep underground, often close by to electrical and gas systems. In order to access and repair pipes situated underground, traditional pipe repair processes required major earthmoving to take place. Our Nuflow technologies ensure that any broken pipes can be repaired without any digging or excavation, therefore eliminating the risk of accidentally digging into hidden structures and cables.

2. It’s Quick!

By utilising Nuflow technologies, Tunnel Vision can provide a top-of-the-range pipe relining service that is quicker and safer than any traditional pipe relining process. There is less manual labour involved, therefore fewer technicians and hours required to complete the job.

3. A Cost-Effective Solution for All Systems

There are huge financial savings to be had by utilising Nuflow Plumbing’s pipe relining technology. It not only saves you the cost of earthmoving, but also the price attached to new pipes and installation fees. Nuflow technologies easily allow for changes in pipe sizes, shape and direction, meaning you’re only paying for the one product instead of many.

4. Structural Strength

Nuflow technologies fitted by Tunnel Vision will completely restore the structural integrity of the host pipe. We can guarantee that Nuflow’s pipe relining technology will repair your broken pipe so it’s as strong as before the crack appeared. All Nuflow products come with a 50-year product guarantee and a 10-year workmanship guarantee.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Nuflow Plumbing pipe relining technology allows Tunnel Vision to repair and replace pipes without any unnecessary ecological damage that would have resulted from digging to access the pipes.


It’s clear to see that the traditional processes of digging up pipes for repair and replacement have become obsolete. Nuflow’s breakthrough, pipe relining technology can provide significant cost savings for the average Perth home or business in need of pipe repair.

If your house or business requires pipe repair, give the Tunnel Vision team a call on 1800 631 799 or send us an enquiry today!





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