Blocked drain in Perth Australia. Kitchen sink that needs its drain unblocked

Why Does My Home Drain Keep Getting Blocked?

Blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing issues for Perth households. Sometimes drains are blocked by a single accident, in other cases it can be from a build-up of smaller blockages over time. However, if your drains regularly need unblocking there may be a bigger problem to resolve

Reasons for Recurrent Drain Blockages

Some of the most common reasons for recurrent drain blockages:

  • Bad installation:
    Incorrect water flow or fractured pipes are often the result from poor plumbing installation. Errors made while installing your system can lead to costly drain blockages. In the long run it’s always best to have a licensed plumber install your pipes.

  • Broken pipes:
    Pipes can break because of general wear and tear or from tree roots seeking moisture. Fractured pipes become more susceptible to blockages, while broken pipes will need to be replaced.

  • Foreign objects:
    Flushing objects down toilets or drains that don’t belong there will eventually lead to a blockage. Nappies, baby wipes, bars of soap and kid’s toys all find their way down drains for a variety of reasons. Disposing of items in the bin and keeping an eye on small children can save your drains from foreign objects.

  • Food and grease:
    Scraps of food and grease from the kitchen sink are common culprits for drain blockages. The decomposing food and grease sticks to the inside of pipes, where it cools and hardens. This built up layer is surprisingly difficult to remove and will eventually block the pipe completely.

  • Hair:
    Hair is another frequent cause of blocked drains. While sometimes simple to remove, it can contribute to other materials becoming clogged in the drain pipe and create a worse blockage. If possible, it’s always better to remove any hair from the drain before it travels further down the pipes.

Clearing Blocked Drains

Using advanced technology, Tunnel Vision can diagnose, clear and fully repair blocked drains. Advanced trenchless technology means the whole process can be done within the pipes and without the need for any exterior digging.

Detecting the Issue

Drains get blocked for a variety of different reasons, so it can often be difficult to find what’s caused a blockage and where to locate it in the pipes. To tackle this problem, CCTV drain cameras are used which are fed down the drain and provide live feedback. This not only detects blockages but also maps the entire pipe system, allowing your plumber to understand the cause of the blockage and develop the best strategy to solve it.

Removing Drain Blockages

Once the cause of the blockage is found, the next step is to clear it. Tunnel Vision clear blockages by using a drain jetter, which shoots powerful jets of water into the drain to eliminate the blockage and clear sediment around the pipe, bringing pipes back to a near-new condition. This is better than other methods such as using a plunger or dumping poisonous materials down the pipes, as it removes the blockage completely rather than just shifting it or breaking it up. Additionally, drain jetting is a more environmentally friendly method of clearing drains and doesn’t leave any material behind to contribute to another blockage.

Repairing the Pipes

After clearing a blockage, it may be found that there is structural damage to the pipe and it will need to be repaired. Tunnel Vision repair damaged pipes quickly and effectively using Nu-Flow technology. This method involves inserting a high-quality epoxy resin liner into the pipe and expands it in place to structurally repair it. Pipe relining technology allows for pipes to be fixed without the cost and mess of digging up pipe systems. Nu-Flow is scientifically tested and backed by a 10-year workmanship warranty and a 50-year material warranty.

Using these methods, Tunnel Vision can repair pipes from 40mm to 1000mm in diameter and many kinds of drains, all without costly excavation or unnecessary replacement.

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