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What You Need to Know About Blocked Pipes

A blocked pipe is always something you could do without. If you need one unblocked, you better get onto Tunnel Vision. The biggest problem with a blocked pipe is that the blockage could be in a place you simply can’t get to.

That’s where we come in. We use drain cameras so we can get eyes in places that are deep underground, deep under your house or both. Then we’ll know exactly what’s going on with your blocked pipe, and we’ll be able to fix it without the guess work.

We can use our jet rodding equipment to blast the blockage out with high pressure. Once that’s done, the drain camera will go back again to absolutely make sure your blocked pipe is no more.

The angle of your blocked pipe doesn’t matter, we can fix it any which way. Our specialised equipment handles change in pipe size, junctions and corners; horizontal or vertical.

If something has gotten down there that has compromised the structure of the pipe, we can fix that too. Our pipe relining technology is world-class, and means we can fix breaks and cracks without digging up the blocked pipe.

Tree roots can also be handled with our Vaporooter. We can kill and sterilise the roots without hurting the tree. With a pipe relining treatment after that, your pipes will be as good as new. Sometimes if tree roots are a recurring cause of a blocked pipe, we recommend an annual Vaporoot treatment to stop them building up.

No matter how you got your blocked pipe, Tunnel Vision can unblock it. Don’t hesitate; contact us today.

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