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What To Do if You Notice a Blocked Drain

Blocked Drain Problem:

Your drain isn’t blocked, but it isn’t quite working as it should either. It smells a bit, and you’re worried it’s taking a little longer for the water to drain away every time it’s used. What you definitely don’t want to happen is for the drain to completely block up and pack it in at the most inconvenient moment. So what do you do?

Blocked Drain Solution:

Drain cleaning! Tunnel Vision in Perth can provide you with drain cleaning services that will have your drains working like they should in no time.

We have high velocity and high pressure equipment that blasts water down your drains to remove whatever it is that might be building up and threatening to leave you with a blocked drain. The results are immediate, and no harsh chemicals are involved. If the drain is outside and it’s tree roots causing your drainage problems, we can take care of that too. Drain cleaning is a great way to get on top of any potential drainage issues that could turn into something more serious later.

Your next question might be:

How can we be sure that the drain clean got rid of everything it needed to?

We have an easy answer to this question too: drain cameras.

Drain cameras are another piece of equipment we use that let’s us see everything that’s going on underground. Using these means we’ll be able to ensure that the drain cleaning has done what it’s supposed to, and also that whatever was building up in the pipes hasn’t left any structural damage.

If your drains are in trouble and need cleaning out, contact Tunnel Vision. We’d be more than happy to help.

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