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What To Do if You Need to Clear a Blocked Drain - Fast!

When you need to clear a blocked drain, there are lots of things you could do. Many of them involve hard work; calling Tunnel Vision doesn’t. We know that when you’re looking for an answer to ‘ clear blocked drain ’, there’s no doubt it needs to be immediate, so contact us now.

Apart from being immediate, a little less cost involved would be nice. If it’s serious and your whole house is potentially going to be dug up to get to the plumbing, that will be anything but less cost. Clearing drains with Tunnel Vision means clearing and repairing any drain in your house without digging. There’s the Tunnel Vision difference that will lower your costs compared to what you would pay for a dig.

We’re especially relevant if you’re you’re in Perth. We’re a Perth based company, and are the Western Australian authorised agent for Nu-Flow technologies. That’s exactly why we can do no-dig repairs. We use that technology to fix the pipes in the ground with a seamless liner saving time and money.

So let’s recap. Someone searching for ‘clear blocked drain’ obviously needs a drain cleared, and soon. Tunnel Vision can do that for you, no worries. If that drain is serious and pipes have gotten broken, Tunnel Vision can also take care of that for a lot less money than a complete dig and replace. We have the means and the know-how to get you out of your drain problems.

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