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Tunnel Vision Assists in Local Kitten Rescue

While our experienced team applies our expert plumbing services and equipment to assist residential, commercial and strata premises, we like put our skills towards helping others and putting smiles on faces. Earlier this week, a unique situation arose that allowed us to do this in a slightly different way - by helping to help save an animal from a stormdrain.

Staff at a warehouse in Welshpool began hearing a kitten’s cry nearby, but after not finding anything during their search, the RSPCA were called and located the kitten stuck at the bottom of a stormdrain. Once Jayde - the inspector - surveyed the situation, it became clear that some work was needing to be done to get them out.

Our Tunnel Vision scheduler Jaye received the call and knew we would be happy to help however we could. We headed on over with our team and specialist CCTV drain camera equipment and got to work locating the rescuing the kitten.

The rescue was a six-hour operation - however everyone knew that slow and steady work was the only way to maximise the chance of ensuring the kitten’s safety. Our team was dedicated to the rescue and were determined to help no matter how long it took.

Our cameras were able to locate the little one, and Jayde used her cat net to grab the kitten and get her out, to the relief of everyone present. The kitten has since been vet checked and confirmed to be nice and healthy, with the RSPCA foster care centre looking after her until she can be adopted.

We are proud of everyone on the Tunnel Vision team involved in the little one’s rescue and are very happy that RSPCA asked us to help. We’ve since heard that the kitten has been named Jaye after our amazing scheduler who said yes to the job. It’s not every day we get calls like this, but the great end result makes it worth it every time.

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