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Top 5 Advanced Commercial Plumbing Techniques in 2020

When it comes to commercial buildings, plumbing is a critical structural element as any disruption involving it can significantly impact operations. This is why commercial plumbing problems, such as blocked drains and burst pipes, are best addressed through professional commercial plumbing services.

For these services to be compatible with businesses, they should be timely, thorough, accurate and effective. More importantly, they should be minimally disruptive or “non-invasive,” so to speak – something that we, at Tunnel Vision, proudly deliver to our clients.

To familiarise you with the tools and strategies we use to deliver high-quality, non-invasive plumbing solutions to our corporate clients, here are the top five advanced commercial plumbing techniques in 2020 that we’ve been implementing at Tunnel Vision:

1. CCTV Drain Cameras

Anytime someone comes to us with a plumbing issue, what comes to mind first is the need to conduct a drain inspection. After all, conducting a thorough drain inspection will allow us to make an accurate and well-informed assessment of your plumbing situation and come up with a solution.

To do this, we utilise a CCTV drain camera. This small but powerful device enables us to check your plumbing and drainage system for problems such as holes, blockages or cracks. This drain camera makes it easier for us to precisely ascertain where the issue lies, so we can propose the best solution – whether your system needs a reline or repair.

With our high-precision CCTV drain inspection camera, our drains inspection services are assuredly non-destructive and shouldn’t have any major impact or cause disruption in your business.

2. Leak Detection

Water leaks are among the most wasteful and common plumbing issues, but can also be hard to detect especially if no one notices. However, one symptom of water leaks is high water bills which do not correspond to your average consumption. So if your utility bill seems unusually high, it may be time to get your plumbing system assessed.

At Tunnel Vision, we use acoustic leak detection equipment which enables us to quickly, accurately and easily detect the source of burst pipes and water leaks. Our leak detection equipment entails the use of a ground microphone designed for use with hard surfaces and paving. For interior leak detection, such as in floors, walls or ceilings, we use a universal microphone.

Once we’ve determined the root cause of the problem, we can then propose a solution and repair your system. Our use of this advanced commercial plumbing technique allows us to repair leaks without the need to disrupt your business with cumbersome and possibly noisy excavation work.

3. Drain Jetting

A blocked drain is easily among the most frustrating, bothersome and stressful plumbing problems. It can lead to overflow, unpleasant smells and potential health and hygiene concerns. This is why most people resort to pouring caustic liquids down the drain as a quick and easy solution. However, caustic substances are not only toxic to humans, but they can also damage the structural integrity of your drainage system.

At Tunnel Vision, we provide drain jetting services that are designed to eliminate residue and sediment build-up that is clogging your pipes. To clear blockages, we use a high-pressure washer that’s guaranteed to the clog and effectively clean your system. By using a washer with a water pressure of 2500 to 4000 psi, even the stubbornest blockage is sure to give way.

It doesn’t just move the debris to a different part of your drainage system the way a drain snake would, and the results aren’t temporary and corrosive when compared to good old-fashioned plungers and caustic solutions. So after water jetting, you will find your pipes functioning as good as new drainage-wise. There’s also no need to keep unhygienic items or any type of toxic cleaner in storage.

4. Tree Root Control

It may seem strange and unusual at first, but the roots of trees located close to your building can end up breaking your pipes apart in search of moisture. Smaller tree roots are known to grow and develop within pipes, eventually leading to blockages. This is where advanced plumbing techniques like professional tree root control come in.

First, we use our drain camera to check if there is a blockage and the extent of the damage and to determine if it is being caused by tree roots. If it is found that roots are growing in or near your pipes, we recommend a chemical root treatment that’s easy and convenient, while also capable of clearing your plumbing system and ensuring protection from future reoccurrence.

To do this, we apply a chemical foam treatment which is actually an aquatic herbicide. It starts to foam upon contact with water, so it can reach all parts of the pipe to kill or inhibit the growth of the roots. This effectively clears pipes of any fibrous root systems, so there’s no fear of regrowth. It does this without being caustic and producing fumes, and it also has a very low impact on the environment.

Only professional licensed plumbers are allowed to handle it.

5. Pipe Relining

It used to be that the only solution to a burst, cracked or broken pipe was to start digging to gain access to the plumbing system and to repair or replace the pipes. Again, this can disrupt your business and lead to not only noise but dirt and debris in your premises, as well.

Thanks to advanced commercial plumbing services, this scenario can be avoided. Through the application of our pipe relining solution, you can avoid the potential risks and prevent any inconvenience arising from all the digging or excavation work.

The technology we are referring to is trenchless pipe repair or cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), also known as pull-in-place (PIP). In such cases, a liner is placed inside the existing pipe and allowed to cure, so it becomes some sort of pipe within another pipe. This trenchless pipe repair technology helps us locate, assess and address most pipe problems without the need to excavate and disrupt your daily operations.

We only use environmentally friendly, scientifically tested epoxy resins which are tough and hardwearing, so they’ll be sure to serve you for many years.

Commercial Plumbing by Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision is your professional plumbing partner when it comes to both residential and commercial plumbing services in the Perth, Bunbury and Mandurah areas, and everywhere else in between.

We’re also an award-winning plumbing company that has rendered extensive plumbing work for clients like the Commonwealth Bank of Australia building, Pinjarra Refinery and Mirrabooka.

So, if you need help with your plumbing problem or have plumbing queries, please get in touch with us at Tunnel Vision.

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