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4 Tips for Preventing a Blocked Sewer

Clearing a blocked sewer pipe is almost invariably a messy business, and something every Perth householder should try their best to avoid. In a nut shell, if you send the wrong things down the pipes you increase the likelihood of a blockage.

Prevent a Blocked Sewer

We’ve put together these few tips for you to try and avoid a chaotic situation. Follow them, and you may never have another blocked sewer again.

  1. Garbage disposal equipment consumes large amounts of precious energy and water. Stop the problem at the source by catching solids in strainers or in baskets instead.
  2. Scrape pots and plates clean before you wash them up. Wipe away the grease with paper towel because this is your worst enemy.
  3. Introduce a few rules about what goes down the loo and enforce them. They are not general disposal units. Make sure the kids know this!
  4. If you have a septic toilet system, then banish all caustic cleaners from your home. Dispose of hazardous chemicals where they belong and reduce the possibility of a blocked sewer line forever.


Tunnel Vision has been clearing sewer blockages and blocked drains all over Perth for many years. During this time, we’ve removed everything from cat litter to coffee grounds to used engine oil to lumps of cooking lard. Clearing them has led to all kinds of fixes and repairs and pipe relines, although we always do our best to clear the blocked sewer first.

A well laid drainage pipe that’s treated with respect should last almost forever, and hopefully never need attention. Treat yours the way you should, and it could serve you faithfully for a lifetime.

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