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The Best 3 Ways to Promote Your Plumbing Business

Plumbers can sometimes struggle with attracting new customers because they don't spend enough hours on marketing their business effectively.

Nowadays many tools are easily at hand to help you market your services in the local area and reduce your 'down time'.

1. Use Social Media to Demonstrate Your Expertise

If you can use a computer you are able to use social media to promote your business. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can help you get word out there about your services, but more importantly set you apart from your competition.

If you can demonstrate your credibility and expertise better than the guy down the road, who doesn't use social media at all, then who are people going to call when they have a problem?

Posting videos on YouTube or articles on Facebook on how to fix common plumbing problems are good examples of using social media effectively.


2. Advertising Locally Online

You can also use social media to advertise directly to your target market in your local area. Rather than running that expensive ad in Yellow Pages, you can reach people where they are really hanging out nowadays – online!

There are no secrets here: you need a clear and concise message explaining what you do and promote it locally as much as possible.

If you have your own website (always a must for a plumber) targeted ad campaigns can be done for your specific keywords through Google's AdWords service; or you can run Facebook ads that can also be effective in targeting your local market.


3. Signage and Branding

Use all the space available to promote your business the smart way, by displaying names and logos wherever possible. This includes on your car or truck, letters and invoices, business cards, clothing, baseball caps, door hangers, signs on your garage door if you work from home…get creative and get your name out there.

Make sure your phone number is highly visible on any signage you do create. When customers have a problem they usually want to pick up the phone right away and if your number's the one that they have scribbled down while going past, then they will call you.


At Tunnel Vision we frequently work with plumbers in the Perth area, as many use our state-of-the-art plumbing equipment to fix the problems with drains that their customers are having. Contact us on 1800 631 799 for more information about how our plumbing equipment can help your business.

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