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Plumbing Maintenance Tips to Follow

Every plumbing system is going to age over time. From pipes to drains, time, weather, and more can slowly wear down your system and lead to potential problems if not looked after properly.

Understanding plumbing maintenance is crucial for every homeowner and commercial property manager in Perth. Despite common misconceptions, effective plumbing maintenance extends beyond reacting to emergencies - it involves routine inspections and preventative measures to ensure your systems run smoothly and you avoid blocked drains, burst pipes, and more.

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What is Plumbing Maintenance?

Plumbing maintenance encompasses regular checks and minor repairs to keep your plumbing system in optimal condition. While some plumbing maintenance can be performed by property owners, there are some in-depth maintenance checks that are best left to experts in plumbing maintenance services.

It differs from more extensive repairs or upgrades as it focuses on maintaining the current system's functionality, including tasks like tightening leaky taps, clearing minor blockages, and inspecting visible pipes for signs of wear.

The Importance of Regular Plumbing System Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your plumbing system is pivotal not only for its longevity but also for ensuring it operates efficiently day in and day out. By continuing to check your plumbing on a regular basis, you can catch minor issues before they escalate into costly repairs.

Regular checks - either by yourself or by professional Perth plumbers - can identify and fix small leaks, slow drains, and early signs of pipe damage, which are often overlooked until they cause significant inconvenience.

Moreover, maintenance helps prevent common problems such as clogged drains, which are among the most frequent plumbing issues faced by homeowners. Accumulations of hair, grease, and other waste can severely obstruct water flow, leading to backups and potential water damage.

Comprehensive Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Our extensive knowledge and experience with a wide range of plumbing issues across Perth properties has allowed us to gain many solid pieces of advice for ways to best maintain your plumbing systems.

Daily and Weekly Checks

Property owners should routinely check under sinks for signs of moisture such as small puddles, as well as keeping an eye on the performance of drains. If you notice slower drainage than usual, this could indicate a developing blockage that may need removing.

Monthly Inspections

It’s good practice to check pipe insulation for overall integrity - especially before winter when lower temperatures and increased rainfall are expected. Testing the water pressure in the property can also prevent build-up and maintain smooth water flow.

Seasonal Maintenance

Before winter - alongside some checks mentioned above - ensure all outdoor pipes are insulated to prevent them from becoming brittle in cooler temperatures. On the flipside of this, during summer it’s wise to check any outdoor plumbing fixtures for leaks or damage that could be exacerbated by extended hot, dry periods.

Advanced Maintenance for Commercial Plumbing Systems

While the above maintenance tips can be applied to all properties, commercial buildings can require more complex plumbing solutions if a fault occurs.

Maintenance for these systems should include regular backflow device testing, grease trap cleaning, and inspections of main sewer lines to comply with health and safety standards in Western Australia. Our CCTV drain inspections are a good way to check hard-to-reach areas that may be hiding unknown blockages.

When to Call a Professional: Recognising the Signs

While performing maintenance checks on your own is always a good practice to continuously do, professional help is also crucial when you notice something that you can’t identify the cause of.

This can include persistent bad odours, unusual noises in your plumbing, or a change in water colour. These signs could indicate more serious underlying issues that require professional intervention from a team of plumbing experts.

DIY Maintenance: What You Can Safely Handle

As mentioned previously, there are many maintenance tasks that are safe for owners to do DIY, such as tightening connections or replacing worn washers and hoses. Natural remedies like baking soda and vinegar can also be used for minor, non-urgent clogs and blockages. However, more significant repairs should always be handled by professionals to avoid complications.

Why Choose Tunnel Vision for Your Plumbing Needs

Tunnel Vision offers expert plumbing services that extend beyond a simple maintenance plumbing job. With state-of-the-art technology like CCTV drain inspections and pipe relining with Nuflow technology, we ensure your plumbing system is thoroughly maintained and any potential issues are addressed proactively.

Maintaining your plumbing system is an ongoing task that requires diligence and sometimes professional help. By undertaking regular plumbing maintenance, you can ensure that your system operates efficiently, preventing inconvenient and expensive damages.

Don't wait for a plumbing emergency to think about maintenance. Contact Tunnel Vision today to schedule a comprehensive check-up of your plumbing system or visit our website to learn more about our services and how we can help you maintain a healthy plumbing system in your home or business.

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