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Inspecting Drains: Pipe Camera

As part of Tunnel Vision’s quest to deliver advanced inspection technologies, it utilises a pipe camera that is outfitted to undergo both sensitive and painstaking lining and pipe clearing services. For starters, using the right pipe camera is important because it provides the inspection view, which will pave the way in mapping out the right drainage solutions.

Why Conduct Your Inspection With Us

Our current pool of customers has always turned to us when it comes to yielding first-rate solutions that combine competitive pricing and practicality. In order to meet these inspection demands, we have always made it a point to invest in the latest pipe camera technologies to aid us in fulfilling stringent inspection requirements.

With all the modern video equipment available in our arsenal, we ensure that what we deliver is a form of non-destructive inspection that has little to no impact on the site. As an innovative pipe solutions provider, Tunnel Vision inspections yield accurate results by incorporating technology and employing top-notch staff that are professionals in their field.

Gain the Advantage

If you want to check on your drainage system’s health, but would prefer as little disruption as you can manage, Tunnel Vision is likely to fit right in with your requirement. With our systematic way of running things, you can be rest assured of the following:

  • Smooth flow of operation
  • High-resolution inspection images from our pipe camera
  • High-powered light source
  • Digital photo capture
  • And most importantly, minimal disruption. If we can don’t have to dig, we won’t.

For highly skilled drain inspections and accurate results with the finest drain camera technology, there is certainly no better company to assist you than Tunnel Vision. Contact us!

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