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I Have a Water Leak – What Do I Do?

Detecting a problem with your plumbing system requires the right tools and skills. The reason is, your plumbing system is not laid out in the open, and the problems that may affect it are often elusive.

Water leaks can be a big waste of water while also leaving a deep hole in your pocket come bill time. It’s recommended that all homeowners and renters conduct water leak checks on the regular, at least every 3 months, to ensure there are no hidden leaks wasting water.

If you notice a leak during routine checks, even if they appear small, it’s important you have a plumbing professional visit your property and investigate further.

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There are 3 steps to fixing a water leak in your home or property.

Step 1: Investigate if you have a leak.

Step 2: Finding the water leak.

Step 3: Fixing the leak.


Investigate If You Have A Leak

Your home’s water meter can be used to tell you whether you have a water leak or not.

This step requires you to stop any water usage inside or outside your house.

Your water meter has an indicator that moves, and this is where you should look. There are many types of water meters, so check anything that is moving; it can be a dial or a small wheel. If there is not water usage inside or outside your house and there is movement inside your meter, this is a clear sign of a leak.

You can also record the meter reading, stop all water usage and check back after a few hours. You know that your home has a water leak if the two readings are different.


Finding the Water Leak

Once you ascertain that you have a leak, it is vital to know whether it is inside or outside of your house. This will narrow down the location of the leak.

Find your home’s main shut off valve and turn off the water. Stop all water usage (inside and outside) and check the meter again. The leak is inside your house if there is no movement or change in the reading. Any movement of the dial or change in the meter reading confirms a leak outside of your house. You can find more information on locating water leaks on the Water Corporation website.


Fixing the Leak

·         Leaking Kitchen or Bathroom Sink

This happens when the rubber washer gets worn out. If you’ve noticed the leak is happening in a sink, try changing the rubber washers which is relatively easy and inexpensive.

·         Leaking Toilets

Toilets leaks are easy to detect and repair.

You usually do not require any fancy equipment or plumbing skills to detect a toilet leak. Usually, there is a sound of hissing, running or trickling water. But many times, the water runs silently through the pipes, making it hard to know if there is a leak or not.

If there is no sound and you suspect a possible leak, take one dye tablet or anything that changes the colour of the water in the toilet tank and drop it in.

Wait for about 20 minutes and check the toilet bowl for coloured water. If you find coloured water, there is a leak, if not, there is likely no leak. If you’re unable to fix the leak, it’s recommended you speak to a professional plumbing company.

·         Outlet Rubber Leak

This is the rubber washer in the toilet’s tank that lifts up when you flush. If it is damaged, it will not hold the water seal in the cistern and will allow water to continuously flow into the bowl without flushing.

·         Overflow Pipe Leaks

The water level inside your toilet tank should be below the overflow pipe. There will be spillage if the water level is too high. Fix this by bending the float arm down or by fine-tuning the screw to hold the water level under the overflow tube.

·         Other Leaks

If you suspect a wastewater leak inside your house, call us because wastewater does not move by pressure but gravity. The leaks are unpredictable and hard to detect. Look out for stains on the floor, walls, ceilings, and woodworking. If the leak is serious, you may require professional liquid waste disposal services.

In the case of condensation, which is also considered as a water leak, insulate the pipes to solve this problem.

·         Underground Leak

You can detect an underground leak if:

  • The counter on your water meter is still moving.
  • There are sudden pools of water on your property, a musty smell, mould growth or lush spots in your yard.

An underground leak is difficult to fix and requires professional intervention.


To fix water leaks in your home or business, call the professionals at Tunnel Vision on 1800 631 799 or fill out the online booking form.

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