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How Does Tunnel Vision Go About Unblocking Drains?

Professionally Unblocking Drains: 3 Easy Steps

Blocked drain? Tried what you can to get rid of it yourself? Chances are, now it’s getting desperate. If you have a blocked pipe you need unblocked without delay, call Tunnel Vision now. We specialise in unblocking drains.

By getting Tunnel Vision to unblock your drains, you’ll be experiencing the Tunnel Vision difference.

Here’s a quick guide on what we do when we’re going about unblocking drains:

1. Find the Blockage

Step 1 when unblocking drains is to find the blockage. Although this might seem obvious (if it’s not working, there’s obviously a blockage!), actually sourcing the blockage can save plenty of time later.

We need to know:

  • Actually what the blockage is
  • If it’s caused any damage
  • Where it is in the pipework

All these questions are answered easily with use of our drain cameras.

2. Unblock the Drain

Once we know what we’re dealing with, we can work on getting it out.

Usually we can blast out a blockage using our jet-rodding technology. This is unblocking drains at its best.

We blast water down the drain at high pressure and velocity to dislodge the blockage. Once it’s clear, it’s time to use the drain camera again to check for damage that may have been hidden before.

Depending on what the blockage was, it could have damaged the pipe. If it has, we can repair via a method called ‘drain relining’. This method allows us to repair any cracks without digging and making a mess.

3. Repairing the Drain

Unblocking drains with Tunnel Vision is an easy fuss-free process. If you need our help with any blocked drains Perth problems, contact us – we’d be more than happy to help you out.

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