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How to Prevent Drainage Problems

With plumbing, prevention is always better than cure. Once a drainage problem escalates it can quickly create serious damage to the foundations of your Perth home.

There are some basic ways to avoid drainage problems that will avoid them occurring in the first place and prevent minor problems from developing into major ones. Other drainage problems can be more difficult to identify and fix, but with professional help you can avoid future issues.

Being aware of the potential ‘red flags’ will help you fix the problem and save you the stress, wasted time, and expense of calling out a plumber to undertake major plumbing work in the future.

Regular inspections

There are usually specific signs when a drainage problem starts and recognising these signs is important in catching the problem early.

Simply surveying and inspecting your home and garden area regularly is important. It is best to do this after it rains, though some problems may be sporadic or vary with the amount of rainfall.

Some of the questions you should be asking include:

  • Are there any musty odors or damp spots?
  • Are there signs of soil erosion?
  • Are there cracks in the foundations?
  • How quickly does rainwater soak into the ground – does it form puddles?
  • Is there any run off and, if so, where is it heading?
  • Is run off from other homes coming into your property?
  • Are the gutters free of debris, in good condition, and allowing water to escape?
  • Where is water from the downspout going – is it taken away from your property?

Correcting problems

Once you have identified the signs of potential drainage problems then you need to do something about them. It is usually relatively easy to ensure that gutters are kept free and that downspouts are working properly but other problems are more difficult to fix.

Some of your landscape features may be directing water towards your home and this will require professional assistance.

For instance, if your garden has a lot of bare soil (particularly clay-based soils that do not absorb moisture easily) and little vegetation, this can create excess surface water that doesn’t drain away; a garden or yard that slopes down towards your house can also create drainage problems; paved areas of a yard may also be creating run off that comes towards your house rather than away from it.

The latter issues may require assistance from a professional plumber to ensure that water is channeled away from your property and towards the street. It might require the installation of foundation drains, which collect runoff and direct it away from your home.

When it is best to call an expert?

If you have identified potential drainage problems in your Perth home and are not sure of the best way to fix them, an experienced plumber should be able to assist.

Remember that poor drainage can allow water to seep down and create pressure, leading to serious foundational cracks in a property, so it’s important to act as soon as you detect a potential problem. A simple drainage solution is usually all that is needed to prevent future problems.

While this will involve some inertial expense it will help you avoid much more serious problems in the shape of foundational damage to your property.

Tunnel Vision has been helping Perth homeowners fix drainage problems quickly and affordably for years; we are licensed and experienced plumbers employing the latest plumbing technology – contact us here or call 1800 631 799 to arrange a quote.

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