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How to Carry Out a Drain Inspection

There’s no better way to conduct a drain inspection than with a drain camera. Cracks, holes, blockages and any other drain problems can be found easily and with clarity. A drain inspection is the first thing we do when you have blocked drains, a blocked sink, or any other drainage problems – like water in places it shouldn’t be for instance.

Obviously a drain inspection will find us the problem and allow us to fix it – drainage solutions have never been so fast, accurate and easy. If we find cracks in your pipes, pipe relining is a definite option. This is a seamless, no-dig fix that we can conduct for you with our patented technology.

Being summer, the Australian storm season, a drain inspection might be a good idea for your outdoor drainage if you’ve noticed overflow, stench or wet patches in places that shouldn’t be wet. Even indoors, stenches tend to be more potent in summer heat, so if you’re noticing an unpleasant smell coming from the pipes, it might be wise to get it checked out. The last thing you need is for a minor drainage problem to escalate into a drainage disaster.

Our drainage services are complete and advanced. Based in Perth, we’d be more than happy to inspect and take care of any of your blocked drains Perth. Clearing blocked drains, pipe relining and drain inspections with our drain cameras are our specialties.

If you’d like to know more about our services, or want to ask us about any symptoms of drainage issues that might be happening at your place, contact us!

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