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How Does Trenchless Pipe Repairing Work?

Damaged or blocked pipes? Problems with drains, sewer, downpipes, or main pipes? There used to be only one way to deal with a problem of that nature – to get down and dirty with some digging and major disruption to the household, or to a business.

Nowadays thankfully there is a no dig repair solution for Perth home and business owners. Trenchless pipe repairing saves a lot of unnecessary time and cost, while also reducing disruption to everyday life and minimising the risk of underground damage to other structures– not to mention the garden.

What is Trenchless technology?

A trenchless solution to repairing pipeline uses advanced relining methods. Household pipes that are blocked, cracked or split pipes look like new again – in fact they are effectively new.

Here’s what happens:

  1. The existing pipe is cleaned using high pressure jet cleaning.
  2. A liner is inserted into the pipe through an inspection opening, and inflated using a custom-made bladder and compressed air. This liner is left to cure and mould to the existing pipe.
  3. Once cured, the bladder is removed leaving a structural repair.


Other terms commonly used to describe this technology are Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) or Pull-In-Place (PIP). The seamless liner that is placed within the existing pipe effectively becomes a “pipe within a pipe.”

The liner is made from specific environmentally friendly, scientifically tested, epoxy resins, which are infused into a fabric; once it hardens, this effectively creates new lengths of structural strength pipe, junction or sectional repair within the “host” pipe.

Where is Trenchless Pipe Repairing Suitable?

Trenchless pipe repairing can be used in any Perth property that requires sectional repairs or complete mainline repairs.

It is suitable for pipelines from 40mm to 1500mm diameter, made from virtually any type of material: PVC, cast iron, concrete, roll groove, galvanised pipe, copper, HDPE, poly pipe, Zincalume, cardboard and so on. This covers most drains, sewers, storm-water drains, vertical stacks, down-pipes, and main pipelines.

The technology can also be used to reline junctions and change pipe direction, and can be custom made to length, from 1m upwards.

This breakthrough no dig repair technology can provide significant cost savings for the average Perth home in need of pipe repairing.

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