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Drainage Solutions for Around the House

At Tunnel Vision we have some of the best drainage solutions available. What’s unique about Tunnel Vision is that we are the licensed operator of Nuflow Technologies in Western Australia, and that means we’re able to provide you with cost effective, trenchless drainage solutions. To be in need of quality drainage solutions like ours, there obviously must be some drainage problems.


In households, the most common causes of drainage problems are:

  • Tree roots and garden debris

Tree roots are a common problem in pipes. They work their way to the nearest water source and will eventually get into the pipe and cause problems. If you have drain vents outside, leaves and other garden debris can also cause issues if too much gets into the pipes.

  • Foreign objects

Anything that shouldn’t be down a pipe in the first place is bound to cause a blockage. And especially where little children are concerned, you never know what that might be.

  • Grease

Any greasy or fatty liquids that get washed down the sink build up on the internal walls of pipes. If this goes unnoticed and happens often enough, grease builds until no water can get through. This is one of the most common causes of drainage problems.

  • Hair

Hair getting washed down the drain just happens, but once a build-up starts in the pipes, if it’s not caught quickly, you’re going to have some drainage problems.


Once you know there are drainage problems, the biggest issue is finding out how it’s blocked so it can be fixed. Tunnel Vision have the most effective drainage solutions to all these issues. We use drain cameras, so we can identify what the blockage is immediately, and deal with it appropriately. If it’s hair, grease or something foreign, we can blast it out with our hydro jetting technology. If providing a drainage solution for a tree root invasion, we kill and sterilise the roots (without hurting the tree) and can then use our state of the art seamless pipe liner to repair any cracks.

The best part is we can do all of this for you without digging up a thing. And that’s how Tunnel Vision can provide you with practical drainage solutions for common drainage problems.

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