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How We Carry Out a Drain Inspection with a CCTV Drain Camera

At Tunnel Vision, we have always strived to provide our customers with the very best service possible. In our twenty years of operation, we have developed a reputation within the greater Perth metropolitan area for our commitment to delivering first-rate plumbing solutions at competitive prices.

In order to consistently meet our customer's expectations, Tunnel Vision has invested in the latest drain camera technology. We utilise top-of-the-range CCTV drain cameras during our drain inspections so we can accurately diagnose where your plumbing issues lie and map out the most effective solution possible.

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How Do Drain Inspections Work?

A drain inspection is the very first operation we perform when you believe you have a plumbing issue. There’s no better way to conduct a drain inspection than with a drain camera. Any cracks, holes, and blocked drains within your household or business’ plumbing can be found with ease and clarity.

The Tunnel Vision team and our CCTV drain inspection cameras are ready and outfitted to undergo any sensitive or painstaking pipe relining or drain cleaning job.

Our state-of-the-art drain cameras enable us to find the problem and provide a solution – identifying and repairing burst water pipes and blocked drains have never been so easy.

Time to Get Your Drainage Inspected

Summer is the Australian storm season. If you have noticed overflow, wet patches or a stench in places that shouldn’t be wet, a CCTV drain inspection of your outdoor drainage may be a good idea.

Even indoors, stenches tend to be more potent in the summer heat, so if you’re noticing an unpleasant smell coming from your drains, it might be wise to get it looked at. The very last thing you need is for a minor drainage problem to escalate into a drainage disaster.

With all the modern CCTV drain inspection equipment in our arsenal, we ensure that our drain inspection services are non-destructive and will have little to no impact on your property.

If we find cracks within a pipe deep below the surface, we can provide our pipe relining service. Pipe relining is a seamless, no-dig solution to pipe repair which involves a liner being placed within the existing pipe and cured to effectively become a ‘pipe within a pipe’.

For blocked drains, Tunnel Vision can provide our drain jetting service. Drain jetting involves using a high-pressure water jet to cut through debris and flush your pipes of any built-up excess material. Our drain jetting service will clear your pipes until they are as good as new!

Gain the Tunnel Vision Advantage

If you want to conduct an audit your home or business’ drainage system but would prefer as little disruption as possible, Tunnel Vision’s drain inspection services will fit perfectly with your requirements.

With Tunnel Vision’s tried-and-tested drain inspection process, you can rest assured of the following:

  • High-resolution inspection images from our CCTV drain camera
  • Smooth flow of operation
  • High-powered light source
  • Digital photo capture
  • And most importantly, minimal disruption!

Why You Should Conduct Your Drain Inspection with Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision will always yield quick and accurate results through our advanced drain inspection, pipe relining and drain jetting technology.

Our advanced CCTV drain inspection cameras provide us with the clear view needed to map out the most effective solution to your drainage problem. Whether you have a blocked drain or broken pipe, Tunnel Vision has the means to identify the issue at hand and provide an efficient, non-destructive fix.

Our advanced technology in combination with our highly experienced staff means you won’t find a better company to assist you with your drainage problems than Tunnel Vision.

If you would like to know more about our services or have a drainage issue to report, contact us on 1800 631 799 or send us an enquiry today!

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