commonwealth bank of australia building pipe repair

Case Study - Commonwealth Bank of Australia Building

Client: The Forrest Place Syndicate (Primewest Management) managed by Jones Lang Laselle.

The Task at Hand

The old cast iron downpipe (150mm x 100mm) that runs from the roof of the old heritage listed Commonwealth Bank of Australia Building was leaking through 5 floors, onto the 3rd floor.

As the building was heritage listed, the iron downpipe could not be removed. Therefore, Tunnel Vision was asked to attend and inspect the downpipe to see if our Nuflow Pipe Relining solution would work.

The downpipe ran approximately 3.7m straight down from the roof access. It then takes a 45-degree turn across level 4’s floor for about 1.5m, taking another 45-degree turn down along the 3rd-floor wall.

When it rained, this is where the water was leaking through the old cast iron downpipe onto the floor and walls around it.

CCTV Vision of Downpipe Before Repair

Before deciding on the best way to fix the leak, Tunnel Vision used advanced CCTV drain camera equipment to inspect the downpipe. This allowed the team to locate the source of the issue and decide on the best long-term solution.

View the footage prior to repair below:

Key Challenges

The task at hand had a few challenges Tunnel Vision had to overcome to ensure the final solution both met and exceeded our client's expectations. These included:

  • The downpipe was rectangular while our Nuflow lining is circular.
  • Access into the building was through undercroft carparks and up multiple levels. Our specialist equipment, therefore, needed to be carried to the top floor for installation.
  • As the building was heritage listed, nothing could be cut open or removed. This made our Nuflow Pipe Relining solution perfect as it could be installed in situ.

The Solution

Tunnel Vision installed an approximately 5.5m to 6.0m Nuflow lining to cover from the roof access down through the 2 x 45-degree bends and finish just past the last bend.

The task took a team of 4, 1 full day to install the Nuflow pipelining.

Due to our lining system being circular we relined from the top access point so that we could seal the four corners with additional resin and silicon that otherwise would still be exposed. This stopped any further water to run down the side of our reline that was installed.

On top of this, the installation of our lining is backed by a 50-year product warranty and 10-year workmanship warranty.

Client Testimonial

“After failing to find an appropriate plumber to rectify the leak in one of the downpipes of the Heritage Listed old Commonwealth Bank Building, I approached Tunnel Vision to see what other options were possible. After speaking with them, they advised pipe-relining as the most efficient and cost-effective option.

They provided professional guidance and service and have rectified an on-going issue in the building without having to remove and replace any of the original cast-iron downpipe. I will be engaging Tunnel Vision again to inspect and carry out works to the remaining downpipes within the building.”

- John Dean, Jones Lang Laselle

CCTV Vision of Downpipe Following Repair

Following the installation of our Nuflow pipe liner, the Tunnel Vision team conducted a second CCTV drain inspection to ensure the new liner was installed correctly and would stand the tests of time.

View the footage following repair below:

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