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Case Study: Mirrabooka Stormwater Drainage Relining

Client: Ertech – Civil Engineering & Construction

The Task at Hand

mirrabooka stormwater drainage

A new section of road, Milldale Way, was constructed by Ertech. Upon inspection by the City of Stirling, there were cracks found in the newly laid stormwater system. The pipe sizes ranged from 300mm, 375mm, 400mm and 425mm concrete pipe. The City of Stirling advised Ertech that they would be required to patch over these so that they are structurally sound and will not have any possibility of root ingress resulting in blockages in the future.

Ertech reached out to Tunnel Vision to assist in the pipe relining of the stormwater drainage system using Blueline technology. The advanced Nuflow relining technology offers a long-lasting and durable alternative to excavating and replacing the cracked drainage sections. Relining the sections of cracked pipe also reduced the chance of root ingress in the new stormwater drainage system.


Key Challenges

Although Tunnel Vision faced some challenges with the task at hand, our many years’ experience in advanced pipe relining with specialised machinery and tools ensured a streamlined and efficient solution. Industry knowledge and experience allowed the Tunnel Vision pipe relining team to:

  • Provide pipe relining with minimal earthworks and disruption.
  • Ensure a long-lasting solution to reduce the chance of root ingress.
  • Inspect the pipe following pipe relining works to ensure correct application and longevity.

An alternative to relining would be to excavate and replace the areas of drainage that were cracked. This would have been expensive, disruptive and labour intensive due to the area above the stormwater drains already being landscaped, bitumen laid and paving completed. Tunnel Visions relining solution provided a cost-effective and durable solution to suit the situation.


The Solution

Utilising Nuflow Blueline Technology, Tunnel Vision relined approx. 10 x 1m patches in a newly laid stormwater system at the Mirrabooka Town Centre Redevelopment for the City of Stirling. Over the 5 day period, Tunnel Vision was able to reline and do a final CCTV inspection of each patch installed with no disruption to surfaces, essential services or the continuing works along the street.

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