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8 Myths About Drain Cleaning You Need to Know

Are you looking for a quick solution to your blocked or slow drain?

Stop right there!

While some ‘quick fixes for a blocked drain’ you see online can come at a low cost, they could also be making the underlying issues worse, which could end up causing more severe issues in the future. If you want to solve issues with your home drains, then it’s time to get serious about how you clean drains.

Here are 8 common myths about drain cleaning and the facts to bust them:

8 Myths About Drain Cleaning You Need to Know

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Myth #1: All drains work the same

Fact: Your home has several types of pipes that work differently and have different properties – meaning the methods of drain cleaning required will vary for each.

While all drains in your home lead to the sewer system, it’s not correct to think that they work the same. Plumbers use a range of pipes in a house's plumbing such as drain pipes for sinks and showers or waste pipes which collect polluted water from toilets, directing it to the sewage. Attempting to fix drain blockages without proper knowledge on how the pipe system works could result in more serious issues, blocked sewers.

Myth #2: Store-bought chemicals work best for drain cleaning

Fact: Not only are chemicals bad for the environment and your own health, they can also make the clog worse.

Chemical drain cleaners may perform adequately for very slight clogs, however, will likely struggle to be of any benefits for moderate to serious clogging. The problem you will likely face with any chemical drain cleaner - whether it’s a home remedy such as baking soda or otherwise - is that they don’t always resolve the issues, only relieve the water flow issues temporarily. This could cause the issue to worsen over time if not properly managed.

Myth #3: All plumbers specialise in drain cleaning

Fact: While drain cleaning is quite a common service, some plumbers specialise in drain cleaning and blocked drains, with more advanced tools to deal with serious problems.

Common clogged drain problems can be solved by most plumbing services. However, for severely blocked drains and for optimal results, you’ll want to get in contact with your local blocked drain specialists. Tunnel Vision is based in Perth and are the experts when it comes to fixing and preventing blocked drains.

Myth #4: My sink is blocked, it must be an expensive problem

Fact: Many people jump to the conclusion that a blocked drain is a serious and expensive problem, the fact is, it could be a simple and easily fixable issue.

Unfortunately, without proper vision inside your drain pipeline, it’s hard to accurately predict how serious your problem is. Your best option is to contact your local Perth plumbers for an inspection. Experienced plumbers will have tools such as drain cameras to accurately identify the issues and provide a solution.

Myth #5: Snaking a drain will solve any blocked drain issue

Fact: While drain snakes are good at finding the clog, they aren’t the most effective tool to clear them, often removing part of the clog which will likely clog back up soon after “fixing” it.

More advanced tools are required to completely clear a blocked drain rather than just reducing the problem, which is sure to arise soon after. For the most advanced drain cleaning, you want to ask your local plumber about jet drain cleaning using a high pressured drain cleaning machine.

Myth #6: Drain cleaning is always a DIY project anyone can do

Fact: Unless you are a professional experienced in drain cleaning, you should leave it to the professionals, as you could end up making the problem worse, and more expensive to fix.

You may be a DIY enthusiast who has had success fixing issues around the house - such as using boiling water to clear food particles - in the past, however, fixing plumbing problems is not something anyone can do. The safest option is always to speak to your local Perth plumber and request an inspection and quote.

Myth #7: My sink drains slowly, but that will sort itself out

Fact: A slow-flowing drain is not normal and will not fix itself – it requires professional attention before becoming a more serious issue.

If your sink drain is currently struggling with water-flow, it’s time to tackle the underlying issues before the build-up and becomes more serious. Unfortunately, there no option to look away and hope it fixes itself as it simply won’t happen.

Myth #8: Professional drain cleaning will be too expensive

Fact: The fact is, if you don’t use a professional drain cleaning service, the issue will get worse and likely end up costing far more in the long run.

Having a professional clean your drains and remove any blockages will ensure it’s done right the first time. This will also help to reduce the chances of drain blockages in the future. If you don’t entrust a professional, you could end up making matter worse, causing a more severe problem which will likely cost a whole lot more.

Professional drain cleaners like Tunnel Vision can also identify the main cause of any blockages, whether they are caused by tree roots or some other form of debris.

If you’re suffering from a blocked drain in your home or office and require professional drain cleaning services, contact the experienced Tunnel Vision Perth team by calling 1800 631 799.

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