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5 Ridiculously Inconvenient Reasons You Need a Plumber to Unblock Your Drains

Most of us like to think of ourselves as a DIY master, but there’s certain situations that really need to be left to the professionals. Plumbing is definitely one of these situations. But when an emergency issue arrives, like the pesky task of unblocking your toilet or plunging the kitchen sink – it’s easy to believe we can attend to it ourselves.

In some situations, especially when you want to save money, making any minor repairs or using a plunger can definitely save you from a sticky situation. But it’s important to know when you need to call the professionals and when you can do it yourself. Because your plumbing system is one of the most important parts of your home, ensuring it’s looked after by a professional is a cost-effective and smart way to go. Here’s why you should call a plumber at the first sign of blocked drains:

1. Home Remedies aren’t Always the Safest Option

Nowadays there’s a fairly simple home remedy for almost any emergency situation and blocked drains are no different. From baking soda and vinegar mixtures to other cocktails of goodies that sound like they’ll do the trick, mixing up your own home remedy to treat the problem can be a very unsafe option.

Hiring a professional plumbers over utilising a home remedy will remove any dangers to you, your pipes and your family. It’s not uncommon for these cocktail mixtures to fail with the desired effect, cause bigger problems with the blockage or irritate eyes and skin should it splash back. A qualified plumber will have the knowledge of the exact solution to fix the problem without putting you at risk.

2. The Problem Can Be Escalated

Sticking items down drains and using plungers can all escalate the original problem if it’s not done properly. Start trying to replace pipes on your own thinking it’s easy enough to work out, and you can make a bad plumbing problem a lot worse. Not to mention more costly for you down the track too.

Minor leaks, clogs or unusual smells coming from the drains and pipes can be caused by a variety of issues – some of which can’t be fixed by a simple plunge or pipe change. By dealing with a licensed plumber, they’ll be able to determine the problem and keep it from intensifying. Plumbing problems – especially in the event of an emergency can be quick to worsen over time and when they’re not controlled, can quickly damage the integrity of your home.

3. It’s Not Easy Identifying what the Problem is

If you’re not trained to identify the problem, it can be a timely and costly process trying to work it out on your own. Whilst it certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine there’s a leak, a burst pipe or low water pressure; the causes that can lead to these problems can vary significantly. And without a trained professional to determine it for you, the plumbing system can’t be assessed accordingly.

4. Essential Safety Considerations

Plumbing systems can be complicated things. And some of the most common and preventable accidents are caused by a lack of awareness and understanding in plumbing in general. Using a professional plumber with the right licenses and safety checks will ensure all work being made on the system is safe and covered.

Property protection is vital to think about too. Accidents caused by broken pipes can lead to massive property damage if they’re not handled correctly or quickly. Hiring a plumber has the potential to safe guard further issues and minimise potential hazards to both the plumbing system and home. With that, costs are generally minimised too.

5. Regular Plumbing Maintenance Can Prevent Larger Issues

Whilst it seems like an easier idea to go with DIY plumbing options, regular plumbing maintenance by a professional can eliminate a lot of the bigger issues. Minor things like drain cleaning, leak detection, water heater adjustments and scour jetting can prevent plumbing emergencies and keep property costs to a minimum. It’s recommended to have bi-annual or yearly maintenance on plumbing drains, pipes and appliances to ensure things run smoothly.

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